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It’s the least popular (and most critical) PR need: crisis management.

Red Fan helps you feel confident in the trickiest of situations.

As part of our ongoing client management strategy, we often proactively create crisis management plans that help our clients prepare for possible issues before they arise. Other clients call us once they’re in the midst of a firestorm, and we help them mitigate damage. Whether it’s dealing with a company-wide crisis or creating a plan to respond to unhappy customers on a social media platform, Red Fan is all about making sure scalable systems are in place to protect your brand reputation.

Your custom crisis management strategy might include:

    • Assessment of the crisis situation and immediate needs
    • Identifying your crisis communications team including the CEO, COO, PR, Legal
    • Establish notification and monitoring systems (phone numbers, email addresses for fast connections)
    • Identify and know key stakeholders
    • Analysis of key audience concerns and messaging developed to address those concerns
    • Identify and media train key spokespeople
    • An approved Q&A for consistently answering all questions pertaining to the crisis
    • Internal communications content and delivery
    • Pro-active timely messaging delivered to key audiences (media, customers, employees, investors)
    • Develop Holding Statements and ongoing crisis specific messages
    • Postcrisis assessment: what did we learn from this?

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