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Zellies: Something to chew on: Launching a health brand on a national scale

Zellies is a provider of mints and gum scientifically proven to improve dental health. Its full line of products is made with the ingredient xylitol, a natural sweetener found in various fruits and vegetables, proven to kill harmful bacteria and stop bad breath at its source. There is more to this brand than just breathe mints, however. As an author, blogger and dental health professional with more than 35 years of industry experience, Dr. Ellie Phillips serves as the face of the company and is considered a thought leader in the oral health space.

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In 2013, Zellies approached Red Fan with a clear mission: Assist Dr. Phillips in educating the market on improving oral health through personal empowerment, disease prevention and on the benefits of xylitol, and to position Zellies for distribution at major retailers across the country. With a powerful messaging platform supported by Dr. Phillips’ experience and years of research, Red Fan created a PR campaign comprised of key tactics designed to build awareness, increase accessibility to the Zellies product and reinforce Dr. Phillips’ credibility as a thought leader in oral hygiene.


The first step in promoting Zellies’ unique product line was assisting Dr. Phillips in restructuring the brand’s packaging. With Red Fan’s keen eye for product differentiation, the teams created a fresh messaging platform that elevated Zellies’ status as a health-conscious company providing the leading gums, mints and candies for strengthening teeth and freshening breath. By launching the new product packaging at Expo West 2014, Zellies could seamlessly introduced the new look and feel to the ideal audience with customized press materials, fresh product samples and a website that reinforced each promotional tool.

Following the Expo West launch, Red Fan forged media relationships with key product reviewers across the country, including Men’s Journal, Well Being Journal, the LA Times, WeightWatchers.com, Medical Daily and more.

Campaign highlights included coverage in Gluten Free Retailer and Parent Guide News, connections with national influencers at industry conferences and a fresh website launch that reflected Zellies’ new and improved brand messaging. Following Red Fan’s efforts, Zellies’ product lines were accepted into many Whole Foods Market stores as well as variety of major retailers across the country.

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