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The Friskies: And the award goes to...

The cat food brand, Friskies, wanted to ensure a successful launch of the first ever “The Friskies,” a juried film prize for the best new Internet cat video of the year with an end-goal of increasing engagement on the brand’s social channels and continuing its mission to provide a playful, digital experience.

As a first-time program, “The Friskies” had a limited budget and many obstacles with which to contend, including a seemingly similar program sponsored by another organization that took place only a few months before launch. It quickly became top-priority to develop a streamlined messaging that would resonate with reporters and the brand’s loyal followers, while also differentiating “The Friskies” from anything that had come before.


After establishing clear core messaging, Red Fan led press outreach and succeeded in pulling “The Friskies” out of the fray and into the spotlight with reporters— building relationships among tech, pet, entertainment and mainstream press that appreciated the unique program.

Red Fan managed communications with 25 cat rescue groups throughout the U.S. who were to receive Friskies donations at the close of the program. Through those partnerships, Red Fan leveraged community and media relationships to raise awareness for their charity while increasing submissions and votes for “The Friskies” at the same time.


Implementing a long-term press outreach and messaging strategy across all three phases of the program, Red Fan secured coverage in top-tier media including TIME, USA Today, The Washington Post, Huffington Post, CNN and more.

“The Friskies” became one of the most successful programs for the brand, breathing new life into the brand’s social channels, especially Twitter, as #TheFriskies was incorporated into every piece of communication with judges and cat charities.

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