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Tattoo Goo: Making a 90s tattoo care brand relevant again

Tattoo Goo has been a frontrunner in the tattoo aftercare industry since 1997. However, the company’s online presence was still stuck in the 90s and its social media platforms had been inactive since 2014. In an industry that is rapidly growing and with a target market whose interests and buying behaviors are heavily influenced by social media, it was time for the brand to hit the refresh button to stay relevant. Tattoo Goo turned to Red Fan to reinvent its social presence and keep the product top-of-mind for artists and consumers alike.

Red Fan increased awareness and drove consumers to retail and online purchases through a revamped social presence like no other in the industry.

Tattoo Goo

While the tattoo aftercare industry is relatively small, over-the-counter products such as Aquaphor and A&D are the most commonly recommended and used products for healing new tattoos—even though both products include potentially harmful ingredients for healing skin.

Red Fan was charged with reintroducing a specialized tattoo care product into a bustling market crowded with beauty and cosmetics brands, while simultaneously educating consumers on why this product is necessary for proper tattoo maintenance.

In such a crowded space, brands that don’t stand apart from the pack simply won’t survive.

As Tattoo Goo’s competitors continue to clamor for the “old-school” tattoo genre focused on dark, grungy images that appeal primarily to males, Red Fan discovered an untapped demographic of tattooed individuals that had yet to be marketed to in a significant way. Millennials, especially females, look to social media influencers for makeup and tattoo inspiration, and Tattoo Goo customers are no different.

We knew that by leveraging Tattoo Goo’s 90s roots—a popular era with millennials who are proud “90s kids”—and targeting a demographic that the competition was ignoring, we could create a following that would convert to loyal customers. Click here to download the full case study.

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