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Medici: Generating awareness about an innovative health-tech app

Medici is an app that enables users to text or video chat with their existing medical providers—including primary care physicians, pediatricians, specialists, therapists, veterinarians, dentists and more—through a HIPPA-compliant app.

In early 2017, Medici partnered with Red Fan to build a PR strategy around the initial launch of its app during SXSW, as well as the company’s national launch. To support Medici’s goals, Red Fan designed a comprehensive PR campaign that started with a brand positioning audit to create story angles and messages unique to Medici. Through the brand positioning audit, Red Fan identified key messages that highlighted the app’s innovative attributes, showcasing the simplified interaction between patients and doctors through a direct line of communication with medical providers that could also give brick-and-mortar practices a way to compete with telemedicine companies.


With this message in mind, Red Fan prepared for Medici’s launch during SXSW by engaging with CultureMap Austin, a lifestyle news source. Red Fan developed content to be promoted through CultureMap, specifically targeting readers who were planning on attending SXSW. This strategy successfully delivered the articles to the right audiences and engaged readers by featuring relevant content during SXSW, as well as instructions on how to use the Medici app. As a result, Medici saw a total of 3,625 article page views.

The success of the content development strategy created strong momentum before Medici’s national launch, supporting Red Fan’s media relations efforts and thought leadership campaign around the founder and CEO of Medici, Clint Phillips. Red Fan crafted pitches positioning Medici as a disruptor to the current healthcare model in the U.S. and as the future of healthcare. With a clear messaging platform, Red Fan was able about secure media coverage opportunities and interviews for Medici in the Austin Business Journal, Austin Inno, Austin American-Statesman, Modern Healthcare and more, successfully expanding Medici’s brand presence during its launch phase.

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