Christy Foster

Christy Foster

Administrative Specialist

On any given day in the office, you can find Christy spreading joy, office supplies and calendar invites. Not only is Christy Red Fan’s Administrative Specialist, but she is also the go-to for pep-talks, motivational speeches and daily inspiration. Don’t believe it? Just check the Red Fan slack channel to find it highly saturated with motivational quotes and inspiring videos along the lines of “Rudy” or “Remember the Titans.”

Hailing from Fort Worth, Christy is a native Texan with over half a decade of experience as an Administrative Assistant and a serious knack for good queso. Christy loves knowing how people tick, serving the office in any way possible and making sure everyone is taken care of—a natural fit at Red Fan. Her goal is to spread positivity when the day-to-day can become mundane, although that rarely happens in an office like Red Fan where there is no day-to-day.

Christy knew she was home at Red Fan immediately after her first interview. She recalls the conversation just like “grabbing coffee with two friends.” While Christy is a star here at Red Fan, she really is working two jobs around the clock, considering her duties as a mother of three and to-be grandmother require attention 24/7.

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