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As the executive director of Austin Gives, Beth Krueger is an invaluable member of the Austin community. She consistently pours her heart into this city, promoting local corporate philanthropy contributing countless volunteer hours, planning community events and so much more. She has dedicated her life to mentoring individuals in the nonprofit profession and is deeply committed to improving both this town and the people who live in it.

For the past two years, Beth has privately struggled with extreme health issues causing serious financial challenges for her family. As Beth works tirelessly toward recovery, her family is struggling to stay afloat financially. Due to mounting health care bills, her home was recently foreclosed. In an effort to help Beth and her family during this difficult time, we are enlisting the Austin community to give to Beth a fraction of the support she has given all of us throughout her years of dedicated service and philanthropy.

Our goal is to raise between $10,000 and $15,000 to support Beth’s immediate financial needs. Contributions will be used to offset rising medical bills and to repair or replace her car. Beth undergoes hyperbaric treatments and other treatments daily, expenses her insurance fails to cover. The amount would also clear immediate medical debt that will stop the flow of bill chasers and collectors knocking on her door and help to meet everyday needs for which their current finances do not allow.

Any contribution to the Krueger family medical fund is very much appreciated. Your thoughts, prayers and donations mean the world to Beth and to us.

Our friends at NetSpend have established a NetSpend card to which all donations will be allocated, and they have generously offered to absorb the 2.25 percent service fee that would normally be applied so that any and all donations are going directly to the Krueger family. Thank you so much for your consideration and your donation.


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