Your brand is not your product: Let me tell you why

Too often, we see startups are defined by their products alone. “Our brand is our product” is a common phrase that we hear when clients come to the Helms House. Many don’t know that having this mindset is a detriment to your company. To build a successful company, you need to understand how and why you should separate your brand from your product. Here are the dos and don'ts of creating the perfect company brand while also creating products that map to your values.

1. Do some soul searching. As my mom always told me, you have to be a one before you can be a two. The best question to ask yourself when developing a company is,”What are my values?” Take the time to determine what your company’s core morals, identity and mission are, because this will be the framework for your success. Understand what separates you from the competition and flesh out those ideas. When you have your values and mission aligned, you can create an effective company description.

2. Don’t allow your products to define you. We’ve seen many startups that put their company products as their company description. Your products cannot define you, because when you start to create multiple products, the company description would inevitably change. This is exhausting and difficult to sustain. A brand should be able to withstand a product failure. Your products should map to your company values, but should not become your company values.

3. Do connect your brand and product. Connecting products with the brand value is the perfect balance of creating a successful business. Understanding your brand allows for a deep understanding of what drives your company’s success. In turn, being good at what you know allows a company to push out successful products with your brand in mind.

4. Don’t go at it alone. Crafting the perfect messaging triangle and meta description can be a difficult task. It’s important to have a partner that understands your values and products and can bring the best messaging to your company. Having a successful description, boilerplate and mission is the true product that will keep your company grounded through new seasons and competitors.

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