Your brand has the power to make someone’s day: Here’s how

You may have seen the recent news about Hunter Jobbins, the Kansas State University student who received a note from someone who had the audacity to steal a Kit-Kat bar—and only a Kit-Kat bar—from his car. Gimme a break, you couldn’t just break off a piece? Sorry, we had to throw in at least one pun.

Anyway, Kit-Kat’s rockstar branding team turned right around to save the day, and will be added to the book of companies who made headlines with their quick response to unfortunate situations.

Here’s why it worked:

1. Case in point: quick response

If Kit-Kat wouldn’t have been monitoring their social channels like a hawk, the company may have not have even noticed Hunter’s post, especially since Hunter didn’t even tag Kit-Kat. A quick four days later (coincidentally on #NationalCandyDay) the company made the 6,500 Kit-Kat bar delivery.

2. Go big or go home

Did you catch that? A delivery of 6,500 Kit-Kat bars—enough to fill Hunter’s entire car. Say the company did catch the Tweet in a timely manner and simple sent Hunter a box of Kit-Kats: You sure as heck wouldn’t hear it being talked about on the TODAY Show.

3. It makes sense for the brand

From Hershey’s website: Our founder, Milton Hershey, believed in making happiness accessible to all. Hershey’s brand is built upon the experience they give to every person who enjoys one of their sweet treats: happiness. I’d be willing to guess that Hunter, his friends, acquaintances whom he may give one of his 6,500 Kit-Kat bars to, and anyone who read about this news, was smiling.

Bravo, Kit-Kat, bravo!

P.S. If you’re looking for a team who thinks on their feet just as swiftly as Kit-Kat’s PR team did, you are at the right place. Head to this page next to learn a bit more about how we work at Red Fan.

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