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Working With Bloggers 101

At Red Fan, one of the most requested services for B2C clients is blogger relations. Working with bloggers to boost brand visibility on social media and online is one of the key ingredients in any integrated communications campaign.

Here are a few things I’ve learned about maximizing relationships with bloggers:

Do your homework

When making your blogger outreach list, or looking for the perfect blogger to reach out to about your event or business, make sure you do your homework. Unfortunately there are people who have blogs just to get free items, trips, meals, etc. It’s important to make sure you’re spending your time wisely and not wasting it on a blog that is not credible or rarely posts content.

Note: It’s still great to reach out to bloggers who don’t have thousands of followers or website hits per month, but approach each situation with care and make sure you’re not wasting your budget.

Get to know them

Just as you would get to know a journalist, take care to get to know bloggers—especially if you’re working with them on a local level.

Bloggers tend to share a lot of information about their lives; everything from what their kids like to do to the kind of shampoo they use. So take a little time to peruse their social media sites and get a feel for their personality. It’ll go a long way if you can connect on something that’s not simply “business.”

Blogs are brands, too

Many successful bloggers have quit their daily jobs to blog full-time. So don’t be offended if they don’t post about an event or tasting you invited them to. They are brands, too, and need to make smart business decisions when it comes to what is posted on social media.

Simply having an influential blogger at your event can boost your brand. And they may choose to post about you down the road when they can tie your business into something that is more on-brand.

Stay tuned for a follow-up post detailing how to throw a killer blogger event. If your brand is in need of blogger relations, email us at

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