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How to ensure your employees are brand positive on social media.

Companies of all sizes have one very important thing in common: reputation management. Underneath that umbrella lies a long list of elements that contribute to a company’s overall image and public perception. Perhaps one of the most important elements is social media. With 65% of all adults using social media sites, the amount of conversations employees have outside of the office walls—even if they are physically in the office—can be staggering…and sometimes unsettling.

All it takes is one tweet to start a firestorm of reputation bashing to put your PR team into full crisis management mode. However, with the appropriate guidelines and expectations in place, your social media savvy employees can change from potential stomach churners to an army of brand ambassadors that provide authentic marketing.

Establish a Social Media Policy

The first step to ensure brand positivity on social media is to implement a social media policy. By no means should you dictate what your employees can and cannot say, but it is within your power to issue warnings to employees who are acting in a way that does not reflect positively on your brand. This policy will evolve with your business, and is certainly customizable, but some general guidelines are as follows:

  • No rude or crude content.
  • Do not share proprietary client information or engage in unprofessional conversations with clients.
  • Do not post negative comments about or in association with your place of employment
  • Do not engage directly with media regarding company or client whereabouts—even if the journalist is your friend!

Create an Engaging Social Media Strategy

Your employees will find it easier to engage with and to champion your company via social channels if you consistently curate content that is relevant and exciting to them. Provide them with the fodder to start a conversation on their own page, and be sure to have a healthy mix of business-related and company culture-related posts.

Keep Your Ear on the Ground with Monitoring Tools

Best practices for social media management include implementing a strong monitoring platform to digitally listen to public conversations taking place around your brand’s name. These tools can work two-fold in picking up on any unsolicited conversations happening between employees. Our recent round up of must-have digital tools features a few suggestions on monitoring software.

Save Room for “’Atta-boys” and Team Highlights

The ultimate vehicle for fostering employee engagement via social media is to highlight their superb work. “Employees of the week” or even a simple “Happy Birthday” can brighten any employee’s day.

Never underestimate the power of social media and how your employees interact with you online. For more tips on social media strategy and brand reputation management, check out this post from the Red Fan blog, or contact us here.

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