Top-of-Mind Topics for Top Media

Top-of-Mind Topics for Top Media

Blink. February.

It seems like it was only yesterday that we were contemplating the upcoming New Year and all of its possibilities. Now, as we close the first month of 2016, it’s time to dive into new strategy, execute on stellar marketing plans and fulfill a few of those resolutions.

In the media world, journalists and editors are on the move meeting deadlines and keeping up with what is relevant and trending for the year ahead. The following high-power media pros gave us a sneak peek into their year, what they’re thinking about, and what’s top-of-mind for the coming months.

“How to encourage, facilitate and maximize print/digital ambidexterity.”

-Lavinel Savu, Executive Managing Editor, In Style

“It is communicating the importance of presence and being attuned to your surroundings in the context of writing about wine, food and travel. I am also focused on the role storytelling plays when taking readers on a journey.”

-Sophie Menin, writer, Barron’s, Departures, Wine Spectator, The Daily Beast

“As for the media industry in 2016: two words: cord cutting. In 2015 we've started to see the impact of the increasing number of people who drop traditional pay-TV packages (or Millennials who never subscribed) and choose to watch video on online services like Netflix or Hulu. It's having a major impact on the TV industry, threatening the business model of cable providers, networks and producers.”

-Cecile Daurat, Team Leader, Bloomberg News

“I guess what’s on my mind is all the cutbacks and layoffs impacting the industry in recent years. And it’s only going to get worse, as far as I can tell. I know of truly great and talented people who have lost their jobs recently, and it just breaks my heart for them and for the publications that are losing them. When you have the best in the business and have to send them away, that is a problem. On the flip side, I’m hopeful that there are creative people out there who will come up with new and manageable ways to provide in-depth, dynamic and insightful coverage in a way that truly serves people. I also hope that people will continue to support the industry by subscribing to quality publications.”

-Sarah Thurmond, Executive Editor, Austin Monthly

“As I look forward, in 2016 and beyond, what strikes me most is that solid, well-reported news is more important than ever - the trick is figuring out how to deliver it in a way that makes sense to our audience. People of course still watch TV -but increasingly they share reports on Facebook, stream from their cell phones and watch on YouTube. I'd like to see the news industry make better use of social media to both deliver and report the news. At the moment, I think it's an underutilized resource and as technology advances we should embrace the ways it can help us better do our jobs.”

-Catherine Viette, Producer, France 24

“We are craving a human connection. I believe people want stories of hope, inspiration, motivation and ways to connect with other people, whether it’s in their own communities or their own house. You can only be best friends with the screen on your phone for so long! 2016 is the perfect time to show people how to come together again. It might be over a particular shade of lipstick, delicious food, being a parent in today’s world or giving to a worthy cause, but we want—and need, those basics of face-to-face communication back in our lives. It’s the gateway to passion, purpose and fully living.”

-Amanda Tatom, Studio 512 Host, KXAN / NBC

At Red Fan, we value our relationships with the media, and aim to cater to their concerns and passions while maintaining a steady finger on the pulse of the ever-changing communications landscape. For more trendy posts on the media environment, visit the Red Fan blog.

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