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Top 4 Things to Think About Before Creating A Website

What is your first impression of a company? Most of the time, it’s through a website. Some businesses thrive on face-to-face communication for sales, but when it comes down to a good ol’ Google search, your website might just be the one thing that could make or break a conversion.

If you’re setting up a website for the first time, there are countless factors to think about. Unfortunately, it can be a pretty daunting process. Fortunately, there are countless tools and partners out there that can help you get up-and-running in no time.

Here are the top four things you should think about before embarking on your website journey.

Have a specific business goal in mind

What is the purpose of your website? Are you looking to inform consumers? Drive them to download deliverables? Convert them to contact you? Direct them to your industry blog?

Whatever the purpose may be, each page, photo and line of copy should work to support that goal. If your goal is to attract new business, your pages should highlight your credibility and depth of experience through case studies, team bios and plenty of expert content that relates to your target markets. A blog can be your megaphone to your audience on just how much of an expert you are.

Branding, branding, branding

After you’ve settled on a solid business strategy, your next step is to agree upon your company’s overall branding. If you have existing materials, take time to think about how they can translate across different online platforms. Already have a Facebook page but no website? Think about how your posts, photos and current company information might translate into an amplified web platform.

If you need a change, that’s fine. Starting a website is a fun way to revamp your brand for the better. Your website is the most constant piece of marketing material and should set a tone for the rest of your creative collateral. Create a flexible logo, choose meaningful colors and decide on your company’s central positioning statement. Hint: That statement should tie to your business goal and should leave breadcrumbs throughout every page on your site. A consistent user experience across your website, social media and marketing items will drive brand recognition.

To blog, or not to blog?

That is the question. Blogs are like puppies; they require constant attention, patience, delegating and consistency. When done well, your blog can be a gateway to a steady and impactful thought leadership platform that elevates your brand and your people to expert status. If you’re getting ready to create your first website, and you’ve decided to pursue a blog strategy, be sure to have a handful of posts pre-written and populated so that your blog does not look barren from the get go.

Professional photography or bust

Last, but certainly not least, is your choice of website imagery. Professional photography is a must— and that goes beyond your headshots. Team photos should definitely be consistent, but having a photographer capture the essence of your company is the key to a unique website experience. The Red Fan site is a great example. We’ve taken countless photos at events and around the office, but we’ve made sure to bookmark key moments that exemplify different pages on our site. Plus, we’ve got a killer photographer that has captured some unique aspects of our office. A great example is the framed silicon chip on the home page— the chip can be found hanging in our founder’s office, and it represents our deep love for technology innovation. Photography is your avenue for creativity; show a little personality and dazzle new clients with striking and meaningful images.

A website is the foundation of a solid marketing strategy. At Red Fan, we can take your company from zero to hero, even if that means starting from scratch. If you’re interested in revamping your site and need a little help on all of the above decisions, give us a call.

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