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To wire distribute, or no? That is the question.

The age-old debate on press release distribution is akin to the schism between political party lines. Some marketing professionals sit in Camp Release-it-All, whereas others set up shop in Strategyville. Bottomline: the press release is a foundational PR tool that can’t be ignored by companies large or small. The dissemination of said release, though, should be a careful conversation mapped to business goals, budgets and media relations intentions.

Drafting a press release about your company launch, latest product announcement, funding round, etc. is an essential building block for earned press coverage, SEO value and content marketing. It’s the easiest way to package up everything a journalist needs to know in just a few short pages (emphasis on a “few”). Couple that info with an engaging narrative, helpful backlinks and, ideally, a graphical element, and you’ve put together a press-worthy deliverable for your top media contacts. Congrats!

Now how’s it going to get from your desk to theirs?

Distributing your release via the wire is the sure-fire way to hit thousands of Associated Press subscribers and land on sites such as Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, and more. Wire distribution easily amplifies your media relations strategy by proactively notifying the market that you have news for them. However, simply distributing a news announcement is never good enough.

Let’s take a step back to your content marketing strategy.

Most marketers are concerned with SEO value, leads and brand reputation. Drafting and distributing press releases in conjunction with a solid media relations strategy is an effective way to boost all three of those marketing goals. Before distributing your release, your PR team should be sitting on a solid media outreach strategy that expands your company’s story beyond the content of the release. Target contacts, influential outlets and a solid pitch should be ready for action prior to launching a release on the wire.

To be clear, you should never rely on the wire to do your job for you. Yes, some publications will grab your release from the wire and simply re-run it on their news site, but many won’t. And most importantly, most of your influencers won’t notice your release in the hundreds of emails they receive today unless your PR team has doubled up with an impactful pitch strategy to catch their eye.

True SEO value does not come until those press release reruns and subsequent articles are published. The more “editorial” mentions you get (i.e. reruns outside of the wire network plus articles written by a journalist), the higher your news will rank on search engines and the more interest you’ll get from additional members of the press.

So what’s the secret to success? Strategyville it is. Google will actually punish you for running too many ineffective news releases and reward organic coverage exponentially over its paid counterparts. Use the wire as an additional building block to the stellar release you have drafted, but never underestimate the power of personal, crafted media outreach to move the needle on your company’s news cycle.

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