the key to lasting business relationships

There’s a mantra you’ll hear the Red Fan team say when describing our clients: “We work with good people and brands we believe in.” This isn’t just a feel-good saying, it directs every partnership we make. Working with like-minded companies provides natural synergy that makes relationships last.

Think of your relationships outside of work. You probably wouldn’t go after a friendship with someone if you didn’t have a few key things in common—it just wouldn’t work. The same goes for business partnerships. If you don’t have the same values, goals, work ethic and drive, your partnership isn’t likely to reach its full potential.

Here are a few questions you can ask when you’re beginning a new business relationship to determine if you may be a good match:

  • Why did you choose to start your business?
  • What is the culture at your company like?

  • Is your company involved in any philanthropic efforts?

  • What’s the leadership structure like at your company?

  • How do you prefer to communicate (phone, in-person, email, text, Slack)?

  • Do you have a mission statement?

  • What’s your customer satisfaction strategy?

It’s OK to not jump right in, instead, “date” for awhile and see how it goes. And remember: It’s OK to say “no.”

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