Stay fresh: the importance of maintaining your company’s messaging

At Red Fan, we encourage our clients to “let their message unfold.” We believe that a well-defined positioning statement backed by a solid messaging strategy is crucial to a consistent PR and communications plan. The creation of a healthy and thriving positioning statement takes work, but the outcome creates a rewarding brand identity that make brands irresistible to their clients.

Perhaps when you established your business, you developed a solid messaging strategy, built an awesome brand presence and gained a healthy client base. But two, five, 10 years later, if your messaging is exactly the same, will it reflect where you are with your business now? Or are you no longer reaching your desired audience? Is your brand still relevant given updated technologies and trends?

If we reviewed your messaging, would your brand appear the way you intended?

If you’re unsure, think about the following questions:

· How are your current clients finding you? Through your website? Referrals?

· When was the last time you updated your website (copy, imagery, blogs, etc.)?

· Do you actively promote your company on social media?

· What content are you sharing?

· Has your company description or product/service offerings changed?

If any of your answers indicate that your company’s brand is in need of a facelift, think about the following tips to boost your messaging, both online and off.

Positioning Statement

A positioning statement is the core message you want to communicate consistently in every medium—print, online, tradeshows, presentations, etc. It answers the question "how are we different from our peers?" A finely tuned positioning statement provides focus and direction for PR and communications efforts and helps you achieve a better position in your target market’s mind.

Ask yourself: Does it stand on its own? Could another company make the same claim? Would it ring true to those who are familiar with your company? Once you’ve established a solid positioning statement, any and all forms of communication that stem from your company will be strongly rooted in your established messaging.


Once your company’s positioning statement has been established, it is important to partner it with a strategic tone that will be associated with your brand across all platforms (website, social media, etc.). Simply having social media accounts and posting to them, or having a clean website with a cool logo does not constitute a healthy brand message. Conveying a specific tone with your messaging is vital to the success of your business.

It’s not just what you post, it’s how you post it. When you’re serving content to your fans, what tone are you using; are you helpful, upbeat, informational, casual? In addition to tone, think about your content. Is it valuable to the audiences you want to be reaching for your particular offering?

A relatable brand is one that consumers enjoy engaging with, so that they, in turn, will perceive your company as more appealing. Use an appropriate tone to start a conversation with relevant audiences that will convert later to loyal customers.


Social media best practices include using vibrant imagery, compelling and succinct copy, and keeping up with your audience members to serve them when, where and what they want. The type of content you serve evolves as your audience grows and engages with you, but starting with a solid content strategy will help steer you in the right direction. Having content buckets pertaining to different aspects of your brand will help you to deliver a consistent stream of content that matches your previously established messaging strategy.

For example, you can choose to share company news (events, press coverage, job openings), behind-the-scenes content (staff profiles, community involvement) or brand-specific content that stems directly from the uniqueness of your company.

Remember, great content is best served with appropriate commentary and opinions that match the tone you’ve previously established. Adding commentary to the content you share, or creating content from scratch are both great ways to invest in a thought-leadership platform that highlights your executives as experts in their industry. Is your CEO speaking at an upcoming conference? Make sure your audience knows this. Did you just write a killer blog post about a trending industry topic with a unique perspective? Make sure to share that! These opportunities, along with interviews, byline articles, etc. are a great way to share strong content while putting the spotlight on key executives and enhancing your position as a thought leader.

Get help

Keeping up with your company’s brand is no easy feat. However, the importance of maintaining a solid brand presence is necessary for your business to thrive. Without consistent, compelling messaging and a strategic communications strategy, it’s easy to get lost in the noise and fall behind. If that notion is intimidating, that’s okay. The next thing to do is ask for help.

Your company is your baby, and it’s hard to admit that it may need assistance. But if you don’t breathe new life into a stale brand it will eventually become irrelevant. Working with a strategic partner who can lead you through this process and provide insight into your messaging will breathe new life into your brand.

Interested in seeing the results of a messaging refresh? Check out some of Red Fan’s case studies or contact us today to see how your message can unfold in a new, wonderful way.

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