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StatusPath Unveils New Integrated Employee Status Report and Objective Tracking Software

Platform brings transparency, focus, accountability, and coordination to teams

AUSTIN, TX (June 18, 2014) – StatusPath, the pioneer of objective-driven status, today announced the official rollout of its newest software version, which provides businesses with improved coordination and transparency in the pursuit of business goals and supporting employee objectives. Unique among other status report offerings and processes, StatusPath focuses on improving the way employees communicate by injecting their key objectives and projects directly into the fabric of status updates.

StatusPath’s first product, successfully deployed in 2013, focused exclusively on fixing the inefficiencies common to daily, weekly, and monthly status reports. Nonstandard formats, decentralized storage, and cumbersome reading and writing experiences all combined to make status reports painful and inefficient for both employees and managers. StatusPath responded to these inefficiencies by building a status reporting software platform that saves teams time while improving coordination.

“We were half way there,” said Brett Andrew, CEO and co-founder of StatusPath. “Our customers were tracking status in our system, while setting and tracking progress against employee objectives and company goals via other processes. In what world does it make sense to set objectives in one location and have conversations about them in another?”

StatusPath now bridges the gap between setting employee objectives and actually executing against those major initiatives. Its software platform offers one turnkey solution to centralize the most important conversations and milestones within any enterprise.

“By streamlining our internal communications, StatusPath has helped nurture CAKE’s innovative, dynamic corporate culture,” said Jeff McCollum, president and founder of CAKE, a leading enterprise performance marketing technology company. “It’s the only system we use to track our business goals, employee objectives, and weekly status. The transparency of the system brings our teams closer together, and enables us to make resourcing decisions in real-time that positively impact the organization.”

StatusPath focuses the efforts of employees by reducing the noise and encouraging concise updates on only the most important objectives. The system accommodates multiple objective methodologies, including Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), Managed Business Objectives (MBOs) and SMART Objectives.

By providing one location for every employee’s status against key objectives, managers and CEOs can easily view the health of the business across all teams. What’s more, StatusPath is social and engaging; filters, viewing privileges, and comments connect the team and encourage interaction and recognition, keeping objectives and open communication top of mind for team members.

Whether a startup, enterprise, or a team within an organization, StatusPath saves time and helps its customers achieve more, regardless of market or industry.

To learn more about StatusPath, or to sign up for a free 30-day trial, visit

About StatusPath™

Founded in 2012, StatusPath is an online software platform that improves transparency and coordination between teams in the pursuit of business goals and performance objectives. StatusPath integrates employee objectives, like OKRs and MBOs, with each employee’s daily, weekly, or monthly progress updates. With less hassle and more benefit than current employee status report and objectives management processes like emails, extra meetings, spreadsheets, and shared documents, StatusPath saves companies time while improving performance and transparency. To learn more about StatusPath, visit MEDIA CONTACT: Katie King Red Fan Communications O: (512) 551-9253 / C: (512) 964-9185 ###

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