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Social media without strategy is a waste of time

So if your brand’s marketing strategy involves social media, but you don’t have ad dollars, time and creative strategy behind it, do you really think it’s going to get noticed? Brands, especially consumer brands, have a great opportunity to shine—and sell—on social media. But without the right direction, you’re wasting time even having it.


Thanks to a slew of algorithms and changes from major players like Facebook and Instagram (which are the same company, if you haven’t heard), even brands that have established audiences on the platforms probably aren’t actually reaching the majority of their followers.

According to a recent Fast Company article, “Starting in 2012, Facebook began to curtail the percentage of a Page’s followers that actually see a brand’s updates. At first, it was cut to around 16 percent. Later, it was reported that large brands who post to Facebook were reaching as few as 2 percent of their audience, or just one in every 50 of their own followers. After the latest tweaks last summer, the average reach for some branded posts has been cut again by half.”

Organic reach = the total number of unique people who were shown your post through unpaid distribution.

If major brands are only reaching 2 percent or less of their audience organically, how can you expect your new, unestablished brand to even come close to that?

You can’t.

Here’s how it breaks down: Paid social media promotions and overall brand awareness (gained through traditional marketing tactics, public relations, events, etc.) will bring new followers; organic content keeps them there—and it’s got to be really good.

Sharing photos your CEO took on his or her iPhone at your recent holiday party isn’t going to cut it. Neither are branded posts about why people should buy your product or service—it’s 2017, no one wants to see blatant promotions in their news feeds. Ideally, your content should be original, high-quality, curated with intention and provide your followers with an experience.

If you’re still not convinced, here are three more reasons why using social media for social media’s sake is a waste:

  1. You’re wasting time and budget! If you’re thinking in terms of ROI, any amount of time and money you put into a social media account that’s not backed with strategy is simply a waste of resources. You’re better off waiting until you can invest in hiring a social media-minded employee or outsource the work to an agency that knows what their doing. If you’re already investing in digital advertising, consider running an ad on Facebook or Instagram as a trial run—you can do it without having an actual business page.

  2. It accomplishes nothing. All too often we see companies who think they need to have social media just because it’s a buzzword. If you don’t have a goal to sell product, raise brand awareness or contribute to your customer experience, you really have no business being on social media. Not every brand needs it!

  3. You decrease the value of social media in the eyes of investors, your CEO—and if you are the CEO, yourself! Spending little to no time, effort or budget on social media and expecting results is like splatter painting and expecting to be like Jackson Pollock. You will never know the true ROI of social media until you invest in it. If you need a few powerful examples, head over to the Facebook or Instagram for Business blog and read testimonies from companies who increased sales, brand awareness and customer experience.

If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, not to fear. We’ll be sharing more posts in the coming weeks about how to get started on a small budget, deciding which platforms your brand should be on and more!

Ready to dive in and start maximizing your brand’s presence on social media? Give us a call or send us a note to see if we’re a match made in social media heaven.

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