Simple, Savvy Tips for Social Media

At the start of every client relationship, Red Fan makes it a point to dive deep into a company’s messaging and branding. That dive usually includes a critical analysis of a business’s social media platforms.

In this day and age, social media isn’t just something you “have.” Gone are the days of putting up a nice cover photo and description on your company’s Facebook page, or tweeting once in a blue moon from your business's Twitter account and calling it quits.

The following back-to-basics tips can help you simply and strategically develop an excellent social media campaign that will help boost your brand’s following.

Use pictures worth 1,000 likes

Posts with images are more likely to be liked, clicked and shared. Always accompany a post with an image. Don’t have a graphic designer on staff? Have no fear; Red Fan’s favorite graphic design tool for dummies is here. Canva is an excellent way to create Facebook/Twitter/Instagram-ready photos like a pro.

Pro tip: Canva recently released a business program to help companies organize their branding across all marketing-related collateral.

Utilize the many facets of the Facebook page

Sharing articles and photos is a great way to get yourself out there, but don’t forget about the other elements that social media offers. Facebook in particular supports event postings, video, reviews and even connects with your other social media channels. Twitter gives you access to lists, trending topics and direct messaging. Social media conglomerates are making it easier than ever to jump in on the action!

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

The best way to foster engagement on your social media channels is to position yourself as a subject matter expert in your given field. Think about the accounts you engage with most frequently—for me, they’re foodie accounts and dog blogs. The people I choose to follow have asserted themselves as thought leaders in their areas of interest. By serving up content that appeals to, teaches and is actionable for your audience, the more engagement you will see.

Pro tip: Be sure to have a healthy mix of original and curated content. Your words will only become more credible as you continually link and source to other subject matter experts.

Say hello!

Whether it’s with media or a potential customer, let them know there’s a person behind the profile picture! Don’t let comments or tweets go unanswered; people love to hear from their favorite brands. A great way to start is by following a trending hashtag on Twitter and liking, retweeting and interacting with influencers that are participating in the conversation.

For more marketing and branding tips and tricks, check out the Red Fan blog!

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