Setting the Stage for Success: Red Fan's Brand Positioning Audit

Setting the Stage for Success: Red Fan’s Brand Positioning Audit

Every week we meet with potential clients that are eager to ramp up their PR efforts, whether they are start-ups interested in formally introducing their brand to the market or are more established businesses, looking to re-energize their storyline. No matter the stage of their business, we find these clients are most drawn to Red Fan because they recognize the thoughtful process we put into the execution of our PR campaigns, all of which we recommend beginning with our brand positioning audit.

A strong marketing and PR effort must be built on a compelling storyline that identifies and validates the unique aspects that make a company and/or product newsworthy, purchase-worthy or even investor-worthy.

Through completing the brand positioning audit, Red Fan digs in and conducts approved, anonymous interviews with both internal and external contacts of the company to get their honest feedback regarding the company and its product or service offering. We also look at perceived competitors and investigate how they are positioning themselves in the market, how their clients and partners are reacting and how the media are reporting on these companies. We want to see if the press and customers of our clients are validating that offering, and if they are, we want to make sure our clients are positioned in a way that makes them more attractive and resonates with their target audiences.

Why is the brand positioning audit valuable? Because it allows for our team to build the smartest, most targeted and effective PR and marketing campaigns for our clients.

Here are just a few examples of how our audit has impacted our clients in positive ways:

Mapping the Brand Experience to the Product Experience: Wayward Chocolat

We recently went through a brand positioning audit with a food-industry client and discovered that while consumers, reporters and various partners loved the product, they felt strongly that the storyline and brand experience were very far removed from the high quality experience of the product itself – an incredible dark chocolate ganache piece that has the ability to transport any chocolate lover (or non-chocolate lover) to euphoric heights. To better align the brand experience with the product experience, we went through a renaming, rebranding and re-messaging process, a direct recommendation made following the brand positioning audit, that led to Wayward Chocolat. Now the brand has a look, essence and storyline that is more compelling, modern and aligned with the consumer experience.

Wayward Chocolate Before & After

Gauging Your Company Message: XOR Data Exchange

With one of our B2B clients, XOR Data Exchange, we began the brand positioning audit before they officially launched but after they had briefed a number of key influencers and potential partners that would become their first group of Exchange Members. We were able to interview these executives for honest feedback on the services XOR planned to launch. This effort uncovered a consistent industry-wide problem, allowing us to establish a strong storyline, presenting XOR as an innovative solution, which is demonstrated on the recently launched website, introductory press release and investor presentation.

XOR Data Exchange

Eliminating Brand Confusion: EmBazaar, Inc. / Skoop

When EmBazaar, Inc., an Austin-based technology company, approached us to help them launch their social networking app, we began with a brand positioning audit to clearly define the value proposition for its target audience – college students. Since the app was originally known as EmBazaar, we discovered their existing student ambassadors were struggling to connect the app’s name to the app’s functionality itself. This discovery led EmBazaar, Inc. to rename the app Skoop, a name recommended by Red Fan through our positioning audit process; establish its company name as EmBazaar, Inc.; develop a new tagline, “College Life, Simplified;” and new messaging that better reflected the value proposition of the app to students. Student ambassadors immediately responded positively to the brand update and the company has since launched on college campuses across Austin, San Antonio and beyond. Now, the company has a great app with a great brand behind it, resulting in student adoption and enthusiasm.

Embazaar / Skoop

Preparing for Growth: Sanders Architecture

Chris Sanders came to us ready to take his Austin-based architecture firm, Sanders Architecture, to the next level by increasing visibility. The firm had experienced continuous success in the last five years since he departed from Anderson Weiss, and Chris’ portfolio, connections to the Austin community and personal image were ready to be marketed. The timing was perfect, as he had recently purchased a building to restore and turn into the new Sanders Architecture headquarters. We conducted a brand positioning audit, which helped establish new messaging for his company’s public-facing platforms and collect testimonials from clients and partners. This information drove the direction for a new logo, tagline, website and social media platform for Sanders Architecture. Today, Red Fan is actively pitching Sanders Architecture to key reporters and establishing strategic partnerships that map to the firms’ business goals.

Sanders Architecture Before & After

Standing Out from the Crowd: Atlas Wearables

When it comes to wearables, the term “fitness tracker” has proven to underwhelm consumers and reporters with years of overpromising and under-delivering. With so many offerings existing in this space that possess limited fitness-tracking capabilities, we knew a brand positioning audit for Atlas Wearables would be essential in order to best differentiate its inaugural product from its not-so-similar but widely known competitors. The results from our findings helped pinpoint the target consumer and product attributes that clearly set the Atlas product apart from existing fitness wearables. We secured testimonials and language that empowered the Red Fan team to not only build stronger messaging for the company, but also the product offering specifically. In fact, our efforts led to the naming of the product itself (which will be unveiled soon), product description and a company description.

Atlas Wearables

Understanding the Impact

Red Fan’s brand positioning audit provides a fresh perspective to companies that are often too involved to see how all the components of their brand fit (or don’t fit) together. Finding the big picture and diving into the nitty gritty details of a business allows Red Fan to create messaging that resonates with the right audiences, provides a clear call to action and eliminates brand confusion. We recognize that a company is only ready to bring consumer and media attention to their brand when all the moving parts have aligned. The result? A strategic communications plan that maps to business goals and delivers winning results.

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