Red Fan’s Not-So-Noble Goal

We’re committed to working with people we like and brands we believe in.

At first glance, Red Fan’s motto is simple. Some may think it’s so obvious it need not even be said. But we respectfully disagree. What may seem a simple idea that most take for granted is actually quite the differentiator for Red Fan, and not only because we state it so clearly, but because we believe it. We adhere to it. We live it.

Red Fan is a small agency. We have seven employees and as such, are fortunate enough to be selective in choosing our clients. It’s important to every one of us that we not only like the people we’re working with, but that we believe in their product and/or services. It’s always an agency-wide decision when bringing on a new client.

As a PR firm, we speak with the media, customers, investors and partners on behalf of our clients on a daily basis, and it makes a world of difference when we truly believe in our clients. When we go up to bat for our clients, it’s certainly advantageous for us to have used their product or service so we’re familiar with it, but that should really be the baseline for any PR firm. What makes the difference, what makes us fight for our clients, is that extra step of believing in our clients and their missions.

We’ve all experienced the conversations that force you to feign excitement, whether it’s over an acquaintance’s ill-deserved promotion or just being trapped in a conversation with a stranger with whom you have nothing in common. We struggle to keep the conversation moving, laugh shallowly where necessary and are distracted by every opportunity to ditch the conversation.

Now imagine this conversation happening with your business as the subject and your PR rep as the disinterested party. Take it one step further and imagine that disinterested party retelling your story to multiple audiences. Eek.

Now think back to conversations with family, friends, colleagues where the synergy is great, they’re excited to be with you and are hanging on every word. Imagine how they’ll retell your story – with enthusiasm, with authenticity, with passion.

As someone who has witnessed both sides of this conundrum, I feel so fortunate to work for an agency that takes the time to sit down with each potential client to really determine if it’s a good fit for both parties. Going through the motions as a result of disinterest can still yield good results, but it’s a minimal effort at best. Just think of the results coming from someone who cares, someone who is committed to you and your brand because they believe in what you are doing.

If you’re interested in seeing if Red Fan is a good fit for you, we’d love to meet you!

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