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Q&A Corner: David Penn, research analyst with Finovate

Do you have what it takes to pack a perfect product demo into seven minutes? FinovateFall’s nearly 70 demoing companies aim to dazzle and captivate audience members in less than ten minutes--no easy feat.

So what will make you stand out from the crowd? A Finovate demo is unlike any meeting or presentation you’ve ever given. No time for Q&A, no time for long pitch decks or drawn out product descriptions. You have seven minutes on stage to leave a lasting impression on potential investors, acquirers, media and more—make it count.

Red Fan sat down with Finovate research analyst David Penn to hear his insight on the upcoming show and what it takes to nail the perfect demo.

If you had to describe FinovateFall in 140 characters or less, what would you say?

“FinovateFall showcases cutting-edge financial technology using a demo-only format, with keynotes and panel talks from top thought leaders.”

What are you looking forward to most at this fall’s conference?

“The introduction of keynotes and panel discussions on Wednesday and Thursday is an exciting new addition to our conference series.

Our Discussion Days will enable speakers, presenters and attendees to dive deeper into the technologies that are driving fintech innovation.”

Describe your perfect demo. What does it take to really nail your 7 minutes on stage?

“Clarity. Problem-solving. Enthusiasm. Conference attendees want to know what problem your technology solves. They want to see your technology in action solving that problem. And they want to feel that the presenter really believes their technology can make a major difference.

Humor, showmanship,and funny props, are all well and good. But the best demos are often those that are very straightforward and engage the audience immediately with their ability to resolve financial pain points for consumers, banks, or both.”

What are the biggest ways the bank branch is changing via the demoers at this year’s conference?

“The bank branch is increasingly the beneficiary of a wide-range of fintech innovations designed to improve customer engagement. Enabling bank tellers with tablets, for example, makes it easier to provide a wider range of services to customers visiting the branch. At the same time, technologies like AR (augmented reality) are helping expand the idea of a bank branch into what is quite literally another dimension.”

What is the biggest benefit the Finovate platform provides for attendees and followers?

“Our signature, 7-minute, demo-only format creates a speed-dating effect, allowing attendees to see a variety of new fintech solutions in a short amount of time.”

Bottom line: If you can wow someone in seven minutes, think of what you can do in the hours of meetings that might follow your demo.

We want you to nail it. And we’re here to help. If you’re interested in learning more about how Red Fan helps companies prepare for the world’s stage, contact us today.

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