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Q&A Corner: Bryan Yurcan, senior writer with American Banker

In less than two weeks, established and emerging financial services companies from around the world will converge on the demo stage at FinovateFall.

We sat down with Finovate veteran and senior reporter with American Banker, Bryan Yurcan, to gather his insights on why Finovate rocks and what companies should be thinking about when they’re approaching those coveted seven minutes on stage.

What’s your favorite thing about Finovate? What makes it so much sexier than other bank conferences?

“My favorite thing about Finovate is that it’s where everyone in the fintech ecosystem congregates in the same place. I coined the phrase that Finovate is the ‘prom of fintech’–a phrase you’ll coincidentally notice many people have co-opted–where everyone you interact with on Twitter, email, phone, etc. all come together and hang out for one big blast. Plus, the after parties are usually good and often thrown by Fintechs newly moneyed with VC rounds.”

How are you seeing the emergence of fintech and bank partnerships illustrated through companies demoing at Finovate?

“The emergence of fintech and bank partnerships are best illustrated by the amount of banks that attend the conference now. My first Finovate was in 2011 in a dingy old building at the Chelsea Piers and it was all fintech people–I’m pretty sure there were no banks. Now, dozens of banks come to Finovate because they know it’s where they can find potential partnership opportunities.”

How does a company’s preparedness on stage affect how you approach them editorially?

“Not too much, as it’s hard to get up front of thousands of people and talk. That said, the audience always seems to like and vote for companies that seem composed on stage, are funny and make witty remarks.”

If you could only one bring item to Finovate, what would it be and why?

“Business cards.”

Heading to NYC to rock your seven minutes on stage at FinovateFall? Drop us a line. We’d love to meet you!

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