Must-Have Apps for the CMO On The Go

Meetings, meetings, meetings. Busy schedules and gridlocked calendars are trademarks of a hard-working CMO. When you are constantly in motion, it can be difficult to center yourself over any given task, or even to focus on your next action item.

Luckily, there are hundreds of tools at your disposal to help ease the burden of “I-don’t-have-time-for-that” syndrome. Some of the below apps will, sometimes literally, help you navigate your day-to-day, and others will help keep you on top of all of your notes and needs.


Of all the news aggregators out there, Feedly is definitely one of my top choices. The free version allows me to create as many folders of news as I want, helping me to prioritize influencers from local news, or industry specific publications from general news outlets. You can also send and save articles easily and, most importantly, Feedly integrates with all of your favorite note taking apps, including Evernote and OneNote, helping to keep you centralized across devices.


Speaking of centralization— Evernote is the number one, go-to app for note taking, detail aggregation and mobility. Move swiftly from device to device and have access to everything you need from anywhere you are. If you’re interested in learning more about Evernote, check out my previous blog on how I use Evernote at my job and in my personal life.


Now it’s time to stay on top of your travel—and to get rewarded for doing so. Metropia helps you plan your day in advance in order to avoid peak traffic times and spread traffic demand across your city. Currently, Metropia is live in Tucson, Austin and El Paso, with more major cities in the works for this year. Not only are you reducing drive times and the inevitable stress of commuting, you’re being rewarded for avoiding high-traffic times with points that turn into gift cards, free rentals and more.


If this is the 100th time you’ve heard of Slack, and you still haven’t jumped on the train, it’s time for you to download it. This up-and-comer is breaking down communication barriers at businesses left and right. For businesses small and large, Slack is the easiest way to have relevant and quick conversations with your team about anything. We use it to plan meetings, collaborate on projects and, of course, to schedule happy hours.


There’s a reason why you should have a social media manager or team—so you don’t have to be the one constantly checking your feeds while you’re out and about. However, keeping tabs on top-priority influencers, competitors and strategic partners is a great way to stay in-the-know about your business’ stake in the marketplace. Spending five minutes on Twitter can help give you a quick overview of what’s going on out there, without the pressure of monitoring your own company’s feed. Be mindful about whom you follow and what you post. Tools like ManageFlitter can help tidy up your Twitter feed and ensure you’re only viewing top content.

Rest easy, CMO, these tools can help collect those items colliding in your head and turn them into actionable to-dos, digestible nuggets or even rewards. The next time your day is packed with meetings, be sure to arm yourself with these apps so you can turn a daunting day into a productive one.

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