Making your data press-worthy: Using PR to amplify your data

Let’s be clear about one thing: Data may not be your silver bullet. While everyone may think data is the new black, harnessing the power of your company’s data, your customers’ data or your industry’s data is no easy feat. According to Information Week, although “companies are amassing tremendous volumes of data… few business leaders can articulate what their company's data is worth.” Some companies, however, have finessed—and maybe even perfected—the art of correctly utilizing data. Household brands such as Amazon and Netflix—which might know you better than your own mother—use their proprietary recommendation engines to enhance your experience within their platforms, suggesting content or products you didn’t know you needed or wanted before you realize you needed or wanted them.

Other brands are evaluating their data through a different lens: thought leadership and content creation. B2B brands are often collecting data through customer interactions, product implementations, case studies and more. While that data may have a tangible valuation, it can also carry major clout in an organization’s industry. Owned reports, market statistics and surveys fuel high-impact content that clearly defines ROI related to your business’s offerings. Moreover, disseminating statistically significant data can build ongoing relationships with top-tier journalists looking to add fresh sources to their contact lists.

Take BuildFax, for example. While the company’s data set—more than 23 billion data points on property history and condition—is its primary business driver, BuildFax also utilizes its data to build timely reports for external consumption. BuildFax reports showcase the full capabilities of the company’s data platform while exploring media-ready topics such as disaster recovery, remodeling trends, abandoned construction and more. With a clearly defined media strategy amplifying ongoing reports, the company has maintained relationships and coverage in the likes of U.S. News & World Report, PropertyCasualty360, the Houston Chronicle and more.

So what elements of a data-driven media relations strategy are most attractive to reporters?

  • It is timely: “Timely” encompasses a few qualities. Firstly, your data is relevant to current conversations in your market. You’re not bringing something to the table that someone has already reported on, or something that has simply lost steam in the public eye. Secondly, you’re distributing reports at a reliable point in time. Does your report preview a national economic indicator? Does it respond to quarterly trends? Most importantly, if you’re looking to position your company as a dependable data source, a reporter needs to be able to rely on you to deliver a credible report consistently throughout the year. 

  • It has an executive summary: Executive summaries appeal to both journalists and target clientele. C-suiters may only have time for a quick glance at your report, and journalists receive so many emails a day that you need to tell them, point-blank, which of your report’s data points are most salient. 

  • It comes with high-res charts and graphs: Why make a reporter request a graph when you can deliver it from the get-go? The silver platter is no joke; anticipating a journalist’s needs reflects positively on your organization and helps get you to print faster.
  • It speaks to the media and your target consumer: Echoing the benefits of an executive summary, you should never build a data report that fails to illustrate a clear business value to your primary target audience. Yes, data is a great way to establish long-standing relationships with media, but creating holistic reports that appeal to both tier-one journalists and tier-one clients optimizes your marketing team’s efforts.

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