Is Madame PR on your side?

She’s tricky. Mysterious. Hard to understand.

Search for her online, you’ll find a reputation thoroughly examined but not well understood. Commentary suggests a mixed bag of immeasurable outcomes, but you know when she shines because your boardroom titters with pleasure at the positive media coverage.

We’re talking about Madame PR, of course.

What is the problem with PR? Why do you need it, and where do you find it?

Let’s break it down.

What is PR?

PR manifests itself in many different ways. Strategically, public relations is the method by which brands communicate with their publics, crafting narratives, events and products that build and sustain reputations with the media, stakeholders and the public at large.

Tactically, PR is creating a plan to launch a product or service and positioning it in the marketplace. It’s leveraging relationships with the media to tell a brand’s story. It’s researching and securing opportunities for spokespeople to participate on panels and attend industry events. It’s developing and executing social media plans, nominating clients for awards and staging major announcements. It is devising a media and stakeholder strategy to take a company public.

How do I know if it’s working?

Until recently, the benefits of public relations have been hard to measure because, unlike direct marketing, PR relies on a third party—generally the media or some other type of influencer—to engage with your brand and share their findings and opinions. This generally comes without a direct call to action, making the quantification of the value from public relations difficult.

That’s starting to change.

With data analytics tools that connect the dots between media coverage and approval ratings, website traffic, lead generation and other reportable outcomes, PR professionals can now show a more linear, direct connection between input and output.

Why does it work?

Unlike paid advertising or investments in the client’s owned media (e.g. websites, social media channels, etc.), PR is a truly earned acknowledgement. Nothing conveys credibility like having the media, industry analysts and other authoritative voices talk about your brand or product in a positive way. Unlike sales, where customers often feel pressured to buy, PR is a softer, unbiased and often more impactful method of influencing a buying decision. It’s an endorsement that you can’t buy, and that’s why it works.

What can Madame PR do for me?

PR provides an extraordinary opportunity to build a positive reputation for your brand or product. When you enter a new market or launch a new product or service, a thorough public relations strategy can educate the marketplace about why they should care about you and ultimately purchase your product or service.

Earned media (PR) can help create new channels to drive traffic, acquire users and ultimately increase brand equity and awareness in the marketplace. Without a public-facing message and a carefully cultivated image, your product is unlikely to reach its full revenue potential.

Being a boutique PR firm, Red Fan Communications has the ability to customize a plan that’s right for your business—whether that might be a yearly retainer, project fee or workshop to help you get PR ready when you need guidance but don’t quite have the budget for a retainer. Check out these packages here!

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