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How will you stay sane this fall?

As a working mother, I’m constantly asked how I juggle running my own household (let alone a business), holding board positions and being present for my family. It's not easy, and it's not always graceful, but I love this life and I try to find smart ways to make it work. Surrounding yourself with amazing people is the first step and saying “no” to distractions is key.

However, I do have tips and tricks up my sleeve that have truly been helping me lately.

1) Remedy Urgent Care: Health care on call. This local Austin service has first-class doctors that come to you. That's right. Let’s say your kid has a fever and you can't get in to see a doctor. Plus, let’s face it, your kiddo does NOT feel like getting in a car. Dr. Jeremy and his team will come to you.

I even used the service at my office this summer when a case of poison oak went haywire. Remedy’s doctors showed up in no time and gave me the consult, shot and prescription I needed—and I didn’t have to leave my desk. This fall, Remedy is connecting with schools from the elementary level to universities, offering teachers special discounts and connecting with college students who need a trustworthy doctor at their fingertips (all without the worry of hidden costs from urgent care centers).

2) Amazon Prime: That annual membership has saved my you-know-what time and time again.

3) Amazon Echo: Our Prime membership amplified. Alexa tells us the weather each morning, plays my favorite music and even helps me find the right recipe when I'm in a jam.

4) Friends: This may seem like a no-brainer, but if I don't keep time on my calendar to see them, I start to feel blue! I always schedule wine dates with girlfriends or fun dinners with families we love at our home at least once a month so kids enjoy themselves while adults get much needed adult time and conversation.

5) A solid workout regime: The world isn’t right if I can’t fit the gym, Pilates or a home work out into my schedule. Strength training at Hyde Park Gym makes everything feel better and fit better. Pilates on a Sunday morning sets me straight and stretches out my spine. And, I fit in a workout before grabbing my kids from their sports activities after school. That way we’re all sweaty, and we got our “ya-yas” out.

6) Greenbelt Greens: Salads on demand! Greenbelt Greens is a new offering that delivers Mason jar salads right to your door. After coveting my colleague’s salads, and finding myself with the short end of the stick after making lunches for my kids, I knew I needed a solution for lunchtime hankerings. My first salad came today—just what I needed!

7) A great partner: Last, but certainly not least. In my household, we all pitch in. While I’m securing last-minute school supplies for my sixth grader and getting a steak ready for dinner, my awesome husband is hitting the supermarket to stock up for the week. Our shared shopping list prevents duplications and keeps me focused on other household needs.

The little things add up and make sanity a reality. What are your tricks?

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