How to Succeed at your Next Internship

How to Succeed at Interning Without Really Trying

Just kidding— did you really think you’d get away with not trying at your upcoming internship? Think again. As you gear up for a new semester, companies across the nation are welcoming new interns to their teams. They’re looking for bright candidates to mentor as well as to learn from. What can you bring to the table to blow your internship out of the water? Better yet, what can you do in just one week to really wow your employer?

Here are some ways to really succeed at your new internship.

Know everybody's name by the end of day one— Yes, it’s possible. Your team may not know your name right away, but if you focus on learning as many names as possible, and use them, your team will be eager to converse with you.

Never sit at your desk with nothing to do— Use your flexibility as an intern to help your team, even when they don’t ask. If your direct manager doesn’t have a task for you, ask somebody else in the office if they need help. You should never be twiddling your thumbs at your desk.

Teach your team something new— If you truly want to leave a lasting impression, show somebody how to use a new piece of software, or how to use e-mail more efficiently, or any number of things that you have in your toolkit that will help those on your team. They’ll be sure to remember you for those nifty tricks.

Learn about your company— This task can be daunting, especially if you’re working for a large organization, but even having a basic concept of what your team is doing each day for your company or your clients will help you follow along much more efficiently. Step up during meetings and ask questions; don’t be left in the dark because you didn’t do your research.

Take time to read up on your industry every day— Stay ahead of the curve. The more you know about your industry, the more you can help your team and your company. Feel free to pass along interesting bites, too; it will be much appreciated by your busy colleagues!

Interact with your company on social media— First, make sure your own profiles are tidied up. Then, comment, like, share, tweet away! Interacting with your own company is great for their brand, and shows you’re a team player.

Check in with your supervisor, and your supervisor's supervisor before you leave for the day— Never leave the office without making sure your team is set for the day (or the following day). Don’t be afraid to talk with the big dogs. After all, they’re the ones who make the hiring decisions.

Whatever you put into your internship is exactly what you’re going to get out of it. Your hard work will surely pay off, whether in the form of a job offer, a great recommendation or simply amazing work experience.

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