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How to analyze your analytics - in five minutes or less

“And how are you going to measure that?”

Analytics and metrics are becoming an increasingly important part of marketing and communications campaigns. Not only do businesses want to see results, they want measurable, quantitative data that shows ROI. The pieces of the analytics puzzle are overwhelming and, at times, cloudy and disorganized. Analyzing campaign performance takes time, brainpower and usually an added layer of client education to make sure your reports are easily translatable from your agency to the C-suite.

We can’t all be data scientists, but we can use nifty tools readily available through social networks and other measurement platforms to highlight the impact of our campaigns. In order to sift through the mountains of analytics coming back to you from Facebook, Google and more, use these quick tips to put together a solid campaign report in five minutes or less.

Eye on the prize

Before we start our engines, always keep your client's business goals in mind while you’re pulling campaign analytics. Never give them more than they need, and be sure to clearly designate how certain data points map to your communications goals.

Social media: What actually matters?

Lucky for you, most social networks automatically pull analytics for you, and will occasionally pop it over to your inbox without any effort from your end. Unlucky for you, they tend to give you a bit too much to chew, forcing you to sift through the information and only capture what is relevant to your client.

Knowing your client’s social media goals are key to pulling a quick report. If they’re only interested in growth, grab that increase in likes or followers and send it over in a quick e-mail. If they’re interested in engagement, screen grab Facebook’s pre-made “Engagements” graph under your “Insights” tab or Twitter’s analytics summary. For added flair, let them know which post garnered the most audience interest via likes and comments, and give them an additional sample post draft that might perform even better.

Earned media: More than coverage reports

A wily and elusive beast, earned media is one of the hardest marketing legs to track and measure. The value of an “earned” article is subject to opinion in most cases, but with the advent of recent media monitoring tools, PR pros are finally able to capture hard metrics from articles.

Monitoring software like Cision or TrendKite automatically pull the day’s clips for you in a succinct list. You can even set alerts in TrendKite to send directly to your client, or you can use their nifty “Reports” tool to grab a comprehensive PR report with a click of a button. In this case, the more data the better. TrendKite can show you how articles are driving traffic to your client’s website— an invaluable metric that can lead directly to lead generation. If you’re looking to send a high-impact PR report, be sure this metric is front and center. Follow it with total mentions and any relevant social amplification so your client can review quickly and at-a-glance.

Website traffic: The keys to the castle

Ah, Google Analytics. The mysterious, the illustrious, the… really not so complicated once you know what you’re looking for! Disclaimer: Google Analytics (GA) definitely takes more than five minutes to learn, but once you’re comfortable poking around your site’s GA dashboard, finding what you’re looking for at any given point during the month is a breeze.

When you find yourself staring at your GA dashboard, don’t get bogged down into the layers of links, referrals and demographic data. Keep your client goals top-of-mind, and search for specific metrics. High-impact analytics include total web traffic, referral traffic, average time spent on page and top pages. Those metrics appear on your front page; grab ‘em and go. If your client is running an audience specific campaign, dive into the “Audience” tab and pull high-level demographic data such as mobile vs. desktop, male vs. female and location.

Now that you’re an expert on “analytics at a glance” and your reports are coming together effortlessly, use your last minute to take ten steps backward and look at your big analytics picture. What story are your metrics telling? Are certain pages of your site performing better than others? What makes them different? Are you spending too much time on Instagram when the majority of your social engagement comes from Facebook?

Always pair graphs and figures with thoughtful commentary. Analytics can tell a story just like your stellar content, you just have to be willing to read the fine print!

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