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Five Ways to Boost Your Social Media Presence

So you really don’t have the funds to go gangbusters on social media marketing, but you recognize the importance of having a unique presence on social media. Maybe you’re trying to sell a brand new product or attract more patrons to your restaurant—even B2B businesses can benefit from a great social media presence by attracting like-minded companies to work with, as well as new employees.

If you’re wanting to ramp up your social game but don’t have the budget to invest in a social team (yet), here are a few things you can do to prepare your channels for when you do have the funds to make things a little more official:

1. Spend time on social media as a consumer

The best way to learn how customers will respond and notice your brand on social media is to recognize how you react to promotions and posts from other brands. Follow a few of your favorite brands on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to learn what catches your attention. Then think about your own company’s target audience and follow a few brands that audience may be interested in. Before long, you’ll start to notice themes and ideas you can make your own.

2. Set goals

Social media is a business tool. Just because it’s 2017 and almost every person and their pets has social media accounts, doesn’t mean it’s a necessity for your business.

Do you want to sell more product? Maybe you want to give the leaders at your company a channel in which to share their knowledge and expertise. No matter what your goal may be, make sure it’s attainable and something other than “to gain followers.”

3. Take great photos

Photos matter on social media. Whether you are posting on a blog, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, your post is much more likely to get noticed if it has a compelling photo with it. You may be asking, “Why can’t I just use stock photos?” The answer: Because stock photos stand out like a sore thumb. Users want to see original and creative content.

Do a quick Google search for tutorials on how to take better photos with your smartphone. We also recommend investing in a camera like the Canon M10, that is Wi-Fi enabled (for easy uploading to social) and will give you higher resolution images that you can use in blog posts and more.

4. Use Canva

This design-making tool is a great resource to make interesting text images, infographics and blog and newsletter headers, and the company’s blog also gives social media newbies a wealth of content from which to learn. Subscribe to the Canva newsletter to get updates on how other companies are reaching their goals by utilizing Canva’s tools.

5. Make time for it

Having a social media presence takes time. There’s much more to it than simply posting everyday. Make sure you have time to plan out your content and truly think about how each post maps to your goals. Set aside time to respond to your followers’ comments and messages—customer service on social media is key!

While doing these things may not keep you reaching your goals forever, they’ll set you up for success and put you in a better place than if you had gone about your social efforts without being fully informed beforehand. And, hopefully, you’ll outgrow your shoestring budget and be able to hand the social media responsibility over to someone else one day. Stay tuned for our next post that will guide you through which social media platforms are right for your brand (yep, you may not need to be on all of them).

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