Five signs your PR measurements need an update

A cohesive public relations strategy is an essential part of any company’s success, whether you’re announcing funding, scaling your employee or customer base or looking to make an acquisition or go public. Maintaining a positive reputation, creating meaningful relationships with key stakeholders and increasing customer engagement are all key to thriving in the business world, and PR has an important role to play in all of them.

Many companies recognize the impact PR can have on business goals, but often don’t understand how it’s measured or quantified. It’s not their fault. PR professionals have historically had the same problem. Fortunately, advances in digital analytics tools provide new opportunities to measure awareness, monitor engagement, quantify lead-gen opportunities and measure impact. Having said that, there are still times when a company and its PR partner need to take a close look at their reporting to ensure their getting max value from their campaigns and strategies.

Here are five signs that your PR measurements need an update.

1. Your impressions numbers are inflated and your ad equivalency is off the charts.

Traditional measures of success like impression numbers and ad equivalency don’t paint the full picture of the impact a successful PR campaign has. Ad equivalency isn’t a term that should be used when describing a PR campaign, and impressions numbers are too often inflated and misrepresent the scope of impact.

2. You don’t have a Google Analytics integration

Every company should ask their PR partner if their analytics platform has a Google Analytics integration. Because it better.

3. Analytic reports are not improving

Even after implementing PR strategies, PR firms can find that reports are not improving. At that stage, it is important to go back to step one and make sure that all of the strategies you are using are helpful.

4. There is no social component.

If you’re not tracking some component of social media engagement, you should start. This is more true for some brands than others, but it’s always a good metric to monitor because—with the proliferation of social media in the last decade—brands control less and less of their own message. The public has more control than ever over a brand’s perception and reputation, which is why it’s crucial to be aware of how people are talking about it.

5. Too much of your analytics are focused on press releases

Press releases aren’t what they used to be. They are great tools to use as “stakes in the ground,” but in today’s world of 24-hour media, click-bait journalism, declining advertising revenue and short-staffed newsrooms, some of the non-hard news stories simply fall through the cracks or are pushed back to a later date. That means that any media relations strategy should be using a press release as a minor tool used to tell a bigger story. Measuring a press release’s distribution numbers after 24 or 48 hours does little to indicate success. What’s more important are the results a PR agency brings in over several months of concentrated media relations.

If some of these are hitting a little too close to home, it could be a sign that it’s time to update your tools of measurement. Red Fan Communications is constantly staying on trend with reporting and analytics. Let’s chat and see how your company can make better strides toward your goals.

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