Fitness Intelligence Realized: Uncovering brand personality

At Red Fan Communications, we know the importance of not only defining a strong brand personality, but bringing it to life and making it shine through every opportunity, whether it a company’s website, social media, events, logo, you name it.

As part of our unique brand positioning audit, we take participants through a series of exercises to help us flesh out the personality of a brand. Essentially, what would your company/brand look like if it came to life? These exercises provide us with the information needed to help define key characteristics and attributes of a brand that we then use across all channels, both graphically and through copy.

When we first started working with Atlas Wearables, an unmatched fitness wristband that promises to take workouts to the next level with its incredible tracking technology, its brand and target audience were still being defined. We started our relationship with a brand positioning audit in order to uncover these crucial details.

Through the process, we were able to pinpoint the target consumer and the attributes that clearly set the Atlas product apart from existing fitness wearables. We used this information to strengthen the company and brand messaging (used on the website, in social media and in press conversations), recommend new photography for the website and more clearly define the target audience.

We also discovered that people, both internally at the company and externally, viewed the Atlas brand as a strong, young male who’s upbeat, and, when it comes to fitness, is okay with being rough around the edges. We discovered that the Atlas wristband is really intended for devout gym-goers looking to take their work outs to the next level. These people needed more than a step counter, a heart-rate monitor or GPS system. These people needed an intelligent fitness device designed to improve their training, learn new exercises and advance them to the next level of their fitness routine through smart, personalized data tracking.

These findings led us to more impactful language for Atlas to use moving forward:

"The Atlas wristband is the most scientifically advanced fitness band designed specifically to improve indoor and outdoor strength training. Powered by Atlas Wearables’ exercise-motion database and hyper-intuitive algorithms, the Atlas wristband accurately and automatically identifies movements, learns new exercises and predicts and suggests proper weight. Recognizing even subtle changes in form and alerting you when an adjustment is needed, the Atlas wristband will help you maintain proper form, prevent injuries and realize a bigger return from your workouts.

The Atlas wristband is a stand-alone device, equipped with a touch-screen display and the most comprehensive array of results-oriented features, automatic software updates and seamless integration with mobile and web apps."

Additionally, we recommended Atlas remove its original photography that showcased mostly females working out in a clean, indoor studio, wearing makeup and not sweating, and replace it with something grittier, more raw, intense and active – something the product’s actual users could relate to. After all, this is no step counter; the Atlas fitness band is the next generation of fitness tracker – it’s fitness intelligence realized (a company tagline Red Fan also delivered as a result of the positioning audit).


  • 1.png
  • 2.png


• Include some gym equipment other than kettle bells

• Include an exercise you wouldn't necessarily think a device on your wrist would be able to track

• Show more grit: Include shots of people sweating so it looks like more hardcore gym-goers

• Showcase someone who is mid workout and checking their Atlas device to show the convenience of no phone, no app, no pen/paper

• More engagement with the product

• Outdoor shots

• Don’t skew too heavily female

• More versatility in environments

• Show more versatility in age

• Action shots, not standing still/posed


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  • 4.png
  • 5.png

With all the time, energy and research that goes into creating a product, service or brand, it can be easy to assume you know your audience and your brand personality inside and out. But, taking the time to flesh this out and really be sure you’re conveying the message that you want in a way that resonates with your audience is a necessary step to creating a successful brand. Brands are more than just a logo or the product they offer; they’re also about mapping to certain lifestyles, and conveying that lifestyle and that personality consistently across every channel is crucial.

Read more about our work with Atlas Wearables here.

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