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Fidos and Felines Behind the Fan: Meet the furry friends of the RF team!

It's safe to say that the Red Fan office is a dog-friendly zone. Our chief entertainment officer, Hank, often frequents the premises and provides ample fun for the team. However, Hank is not the only furry friend in our hearts. Many of our Red Fan team members have their own "CEO" at home. Hear from our resident pups and kittens below.

Hank CEO

Zzz... oh! Sorry, was I snoring? My name is Hank; I am a Cavalier King Charles Cocker Spaniel and I'm a part of the Red Fan team. My mom, Kathleen, loves to bring me into the office to hang out with the PR pros.

When I'm not busy distracting people at the office, I love going to Red Bud Isle Park; it's like a doggie smelling buffet. Plus the water, the paths and the people watching are amazing for me.

My favorite Austin restaurant has got to be Banger's on Rainey Street - what's not to love about a sausage house! Mm, those smells, and they have a fenced in doggie park right in the beer garden so I can play with other Austin pups.

I also love going to Turkey Creek Trail, even when it's muddy! Don't worry though, mom always takes me to Dirty Dog to get cleaned up in a breeze. I especially love the blueberry facial they give me - it's tasty and gets my face looking fab. I hope you stop by the office to visit me sometime!


Maggie here with my best cat friend, Emma. I'm an Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix. My mom, Stephanie, rescued me from Town Lake and ever since then I've felt right at home!

I'm a very loyal, loving dog and I enjoy spending time with my family. My weak ACLs have shortened my running game, but that's okay, I'd rather stick to my pack than go out. Plus, my family gives me cheese - my favorite treat. Yum! When you meet me, I might be a little shy, but I promise that I am totally sweet with my favorite people.


Hi! I'm Salt, a 5-year-old Wheaton Terrier, and that's my pal, Pepper, a 6-year-old Australian Shepherd mix. Pepper and I love going for runs at Red Bud Isle Park. I fancy myself a bit of a diva, while Pepper is the dominant, defending wonder dog of the pack. I usually let him do all the work while I'm off chasing butterflies!

When we're not running around the park, Pepper and I love to go shopping for vintage doggie tees at Lofty Dog. At home, our mom, Alicia, loves feeding us dehydrated chicken- delish!


HIIIIIIIII! My name is Luna, and I’m Emma’s new(ish) puppy! I was adopted from Austin Pets Alive! after spending eight weeks with my seven brothers and sisters in foster care. I am a retriever/mix pup with a lot of energy and an undying need to chew on everything (mostly ropes... I LOVE ROPES)!

My mom likes to describe me as "aggressively friendly" but that's only because I love everyone I meet- dogs, people, birds, you name it! We recently moved into a larger apartment, and I'm having a blast zooming around the hallway and making circles around our guests. I don't know why mom always stops me at night... that's when I have the most energy!


I’m Grover, but then again most people know me already in my hood as I like to drop by their house, uninvited, and see what’s in it for me. (Sometimes a cuddle or two, but ideally an extra meal.) I was abandoned by my kitty family in Waco, it’s a long story, but I managed to find a kind home and they knew a lucky lady in Austin who came to get me and take me to her home, which I made even better with my presence.

I pride myself on catching lizards, sometimes pulling them out of bushes in a single bound, rolling in quality dirt, and biting my cat brother Norm’s hind legs at mealtime. (He needs to be reminded who’s boss around here.) Other favorite things are my Nulo’s dry and moist food that Mom feeds me, and making her worry by staying out all night past my curfew. I am king of cattitude so remember the name, Grover.


The name's Lily, but people call me Lils for short. Even though it's really not short and is still four letters. People mostly know me for my appearance on @drunkcats Instagram for National Margarita Day. Yes, I got over 1,000 likes and it was probably my mom's proudest moment of me so far. Actually, it was indeed her proudest moment so far.

I've also been to the historic Helms House where I enjoyed staring aimlessly at my mom, snuggling in her lap, sitting on her keyboard, watching the pigeons fight outside the window, playing with her office mate and other helpful things. What? They didn't tell you I was there? I'll make sure my mom posts it on social media next time so you can all get an autograph from the cutest cat on the Insta. Cheers! - Lils

Hi, friends! I'm Brooke's boyfriend's baby girl, but I consider Brooke my mom and love her a lot. I'm a pretty lucky girl, actually, because I was adopted twice (once by my dad and then by Brooke, too, when she came into our lives). When I was 2-years-old my dad found me at his fraternity's house—it was basically love at first sight, and I've never let him leave my sight since. Seriously, I don't let him leave my sight. My other specialties are snuggling, protecting my family and, well, snuggling. Sometimes my parents say I'm a bit sassy, but only when they're not petting me, snuggling with me, playing with me, taking me on walks or, well, snuggling with me. Lily? Lily who?


Hello! Yes, hello. Down h…no…down here!

Hi! I’m Holly, so named because my mom and brother picked me up as a Christmas present for my sister when I was nay but a pup.

Ahhhhhh, the pup glory days, when I could pee anywhere, chew on anything I wanted and bark without getting yelled at because humans thought it sounded cute. It was not cute. It was the roar of a tiger. A 6-inch-tall, cheese-eating, teething tiger.

Anyway, we had a few good years. We were all together, and I learned how to isolate humans so they didn’t know when I’d last received a T-R-E-A-T. Chumps don’t think I know how to spell.

Kalli and Payton 2.jpg

Hi there, I’m Kalli, a blue heeler and that’s my pal Payton, a miniature Schnauzer. We are an inseparable pair who love belly rubs and playing fetch. One of us is a tennis ball hoarder; the other is a Frisbee dog. Can you guess which is which?

My life changed for the better the day my mom, Lindsay, came into the San Marcos shelter. I knew she was the person for me, so I barked at her as they put me back in my kennel. I think she got the message since the very next day I was FREE and heading to my forever home!

I love learning new tricks. I can sit, stand, lie down, speak (I even have an inside voice), roll over and shake. I even know a little sign language. I love people and when I meet other dogs, I will make sure that everyone is corralled just where I want them.

Move over, Kalli! Hi, I’m Payton, or Peanut as my mom calls me. I found my new best friend, Kalli, when my dad met my mom. Walks are my absolute favorite. Well, come to think of it, maybe they come second to a good game of fetch.

I love all of my toys and make it a point to collect them all in one place so that I can keep track of them. If I ever meet you, I will sit in your lap and let you rub my face. Face rubs rock!

We love our pets here at Red Fan and we love showing them all of the fun, dog-friendly things to do in Austin. What are your favorite places in Austin to bring your pup? Let us know with a comment below. We always love to discover interesting places for our four-legged friends.

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