Faces Behind the Fan: Meet Senior Account Executive, Emma Chase

As far as experience goes, Emma Chase has been able to see first-hand what each position looks like in the Red Fan office. Starting as an intern in college, Emma has worked her way up to Senior Account Executive during her time in the Helms House. With her grab-life-by-the-horns mentality, Emma loves checking tasks off of her to-do list and maintaining close relationships with her clients. Get to know more about her through our Faces Behind the Fan feature below!

RF: If you could be on the cover of a magazine, which magazine would it be and why?

EC: A huge influence over my interest in journalism and PR came from reading Vogue. I even began my college career as a journalism major with hopes of becoming a fashion writer. I always wanted to be in one of those incredible photoshoots by Mario Testino or some other renowned fashion photographer. I still try to read Vogue on a monthly basis cover to cover, every editor’s note and ad included.

RF: What strength do you bring to the Red Fan team?

EC: I believe my greatest strength stems from my ability to remain organized and level-headed in every decision that I make. From crafting an email to building an entire campaign strategy, I’m incredibly detail-oriented. I want to be very clear with my client and my Red Fan team to make sure that we meet and exceed deadlines and deliverables.

RF: How has working at Red Fan helped you grow from an intern to senior account executive?

EC: One of the biggest factors that contributed to me making that transition is the diversity of clients that we’ve had. Those clients have allowed me to find my areas of specialty and my greatest strengths, while also growing those strengths across multiple industries. Although I specialize in B2B tech, I’m still passionate about consumer brands. I’ve learned that aspects of these skills you learn in B2B can be applied to nonprofit, consumer and so many other aspects of PR. The same level of detail and organization is required when approaching any industry. Just because the subject matter is different, or perhaps more complex, you can still approach problems the same way to achieve incredible results.

RF: Working in a fast-paced agency environment can be demanding, but how do you recharge your creative juices?

EC: In a perfect world I would recharge my creative juices by reading and writing creatively outside of the office. In reality, I love catching up on TV and movies. I’ve always been an avid movie-goer and find a lot of my creative energy in TV shows and movies. Everyone in the office knows I can’t get enough of Friends, even to a fault.

RF: What is a hobby of yours you would like to invest more time in if you had it?

EC: If I had access to a piano I think I would make that more of a priority. As a musician, I don’t naturally list practicing piano or listening to music as a “way to recharge my creative juices.” It’s just an inherent quality a part of my daily routine. That being said, I’d be remiss if I didn’t continue fostering my musical skills I’ve worked so hard on for more than half of my life. That creative energy can be translated beyond the keyboard and into my personal and professional lives!

RF: What is something most people don’t know about you but you are very proud of?

EC: I was in band for 11 years! I played euphonium in the marching band for 8 years, which led me all across the country following Texas football and volleyball. I even had the unique opportunity to play for a governor’s inauguration.

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