Faces Behind the Fan: Meet Red Fan’s Content Strategist, Matt Beezley

After graduating with honors in journalism from the University of Missouri, Matt hopped over to the “the dark side” by starting his career in the PR industry with an internship at FleishmanHillard. At Red Fan, Matt is the designated AP Style expert and copy editor who brings a journalistic eye to creative storytelling. His commitment to grammar accuracy and insightful content development makes him a true PR guru.

Matt’s love of writing comes from his love of reading well-written stories and books. Naturally, the local Barnes & Noble is one of his favorite places along with Austin’s parks and music venues. Find out more about Matt in this week’s Faces Behind the Fan!

RF: If you could be on the cover of a magazine, which magazine would it be and why?

MB: My professional self says the Economist. My old boss loved to read the Economist and my co-workers and I would use it as a source for different industry trends in the U.S. Personally, I’d want to be featured in any video game or sports magazine. In an alternate world, I imagine that I’d make it on the cover of a sports magazine as a professional hockey player.

RF: There’s a rumor in the office that you read the AP Style Guide before going to bed, is this true? Also, as the “AP Whiz” of Red Fan, what advice would you give to a PR person struggling with AP Style?

MB: This rumor used to be true. Back in college, we had weekly AP Style tests, which required me to constantly read the book as a reference. Also, there’s nothing that can get you to sleep faster than reading the AP Style Book before bedtime! I advise them, or anybody for that matter, to text message in AP style. Most ways we communicate with people are digital now, so anytime you are emailing or texting, taking the extra 10 seconds to include AP style can make a big difference. It’s paid in dividends for me.

RF: You do a lot of copy editing work for a variety of our clients including those in law, B2B, technology, etc. All of them are in very specialized industries. How do you bounce between all of them? (brand tone, industry expertise, etc.)

MB: It’s a combination of taking the time to understand the client’s personality, the industry they work in and the tone that they take in both their writing and everyday conversations.

RF: What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

MB: There is no greater feeling than getting your client’s name published in an outlet that they’ve been aiming for and seeing the positive impact it brings to their business. Anytime there’s a big “Woo!” in the office is when someone lands a hit. Reaping tangible results from pitching for clients is the definition of how PR is supposed to work, and it’s rewarding to see that happen.

RF: What makes Red Fan a good fit for you?

MB: The people at Red Fan are definitely a big part of the office’s allure. The type of culture that our CEO, Kathleen, has cultivated over the 10 years that she’s been running the business is incredible. The people I work with are very open and they know how to balance extreme professionalism with a good joke and some healthy banter.

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