Faces Behind the Fan: Meet Marketing and Growth Coordinator, Hannah Atteberry

As Marketing & Growth Coordinator here at Red Fan, Hannah Atteberry is a key player in keeping the wheels turning within the agency and maintaining our reputation among the public. Hannah ensures that Red Fan is consistently ranked at the top when it comes to company culture, thought leadership and throwing the best parties (we see you, Friendsgiving and Haunted Helms). Without Hannah, our office would surely miss her creative ingenuity, sassy remarks and unending photos of her dog, Bean. Check out her Faces Behind the Fan feature below!

RF: If you could be on the cover of a magazine, which magazine would it be and why?

HA: Vogue or Interior Design Magazine. I mean, Vogue is Vogue c’mon, so that’s a no brainer. I also think if I had another life my alternate career would be an interior designer, so being on the cover of Interior Design Magazine seems like an obvious option if I were on that path.

RF: What does it mean to be a Marketing & Growth Coordinator in a public relations agency?

HA: Marketing and growth basically means everything under the sun. Short and simply I do everything for Red Fan that Red Fan does for our clients. I make sure that things don’t fall through the cracks on a daily basis and that we’re always thinking of new and creative ideas to position and promote Red Fan and Kathleen. I cover every piece of marketing from our meta descriptions on our website, strategy behind our newsletters to the purpose behind every event we host. As for the PR aspect, I collaborate with the team to think of creative ways to have Red Fan at the forefront. One thing that I’m very excited about kicking off this year is Kathleen’s acceptance into the Forbes Agency Council.

RF: What keeps you at Red Fan/what’s your favorite part of your role?

HA: The people I get to work with everyday make me love coming into the office each morning. At Red Fan I’m constantly pushed outside of my comfort level and this has helped me grow in my career. The team in the office is continually inspiring me through the work they do for our clients. I recently ran into a client that bragged about how much we helped her business grow and it was the best feeling to know that I’m a part of that. .

RF: How do you strategize for Red Fan’s growth and what direction do you see Red Fan heading toward in 2018?

HA: We always start early - Red Fan strategy is constantly evolving, but in 2018 we are really aiming to position ourselves and Kathleen as thought leaders. We are constantly looking at where the industry is going and where we want to fall within that curve. We want to be able to hone in and focus our services and strengths to serve industries and clients that we align with.

RF: What’s a hobby that you would spend more time in if you had it?

HA: More graphic design - in college I took a web development class and had a ton of fun creating something from scratch and having the vision to see it through. A big part of my first job entailed a lot of work with InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop. During this time I was able to teach myself how to use these software and cater them to specific client needs. I would love to take more classes and dive deeper into the more intricate aspects of graphic design. Red Fan has allowed me to spend time developing this affinity for graphic design by allowing me to help out with clients like Suerte and Ben Milam Whiskey. Aside from professionally, design also holds a special place in my heart as an artistic outlet. My grandmother was an artist that painted gorgeous pieces of fine china. Growing up, I always wished that I would inherit that talent (I cannot draw or paint for the life of me) from her. After spending more time in these Adobe applications and being allowed to create different pieces of material, I realized that I did in fact have the talent, but just needed the right tools to express it.

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