Faces Behind the Fan: Meet Account Executive, Brooke Borack

Aside from being an Account Executive with a get-it-done attitude here at Red Fan, Brooke Boriack is also known for her incredible portrait photography, her infectious energy in the office and her love for her calico cat, Lily. Brooke is a PR pro with over 5 years of experience in the industry at agencies ranging from corporate to boutique. She is known for creating in-depth, attention-getting work for her clients and landing it in the right publications. Get to know more about her in her Faces Behind the Fan feature below!

RF: If you could be on the cover of a magazine, which magazine would it be and why?

BB: Since I’m a photographer, I prefer to be behind the camera. I’ll leave the magazine cover up to some of the portraits that I’ve taken. I would love to see my photos on the cover of Cottage Hill magazine. I think they do a beautiful job of showcasing weddings and the industries that I specialize in, along with interweaving beautiful storytelling, which appeals to my PR background.

RF: You’ve worked diverse industries (hospitality, banking, food, beverage, tech, etc.) but do you have a space that you are particularly passionate about?

BB: I think the beauty of PR is that you get to dip your toes into all of these different industries. My natural tendencies lean towards lifestyle brands, but I love growing interest in the industries I haven’t spent a lot of time in before. At Red Fan, I loved the work we were able to do with Modern Market. It was cool to launch a Colorado-based brand in Austin while still keeping it authentic.

RF: Prior to your role at Red Fan, you worked at Hill + Knowlton. How was your transition from a larger agency to a smaller boutique firm and how is the work experience different?

BB: At big agencies you really are just one little gear in the team. While you are doing important things, you sometimes don’t have as much say in the overall strategy. At Red Fan I love being able to jump into the strategy of accounts from my first day, an experience I’m not sure I would have gained by staying at big agencies in this time frame. My main takeaway from this transition has been that no matter how many years of experience you have, everyone is able to contribute awesome ideas.

RF: You are the photography expert of Red Fan, how does your your vision for photography benefit the clients that you work with?

BB: In this day-and-age, compelling photos can help elevate a story so much. Publications are starting to think with photography in mind because of how popular social media is becoming. Compelling photos can help grab the attention of the reader and get them to continue to the article. Something I always recommend to my clients is to have unique photography on-hand. I think original content is something that a lot of consumers are looking for when they’re interacting with brands.

RF: What’s a hobby of yours you would like to invest more time in if you had it?

BB: I used to be very into fitness and working out. I love the personal care aspect of life and I would love to spend more time in that area, but lately I’ve been so busy pursuing both Red Fan and my photography that I haven’t been able to invest a lot of time in working out.

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