Emma Chase – Red Fan’s Newest PR Rock Star!

In the world of public relations, it’s important to cultivate new, young talent in order to grow your business. It is equally important to understand the ways in which the next generation is gathering and sharing information. The Red Fan internship program enables us to get to know and develop the skills of some very bright PR professionals. They learn to communicate with clients, participate in strategic planning and familiarize themselves with the daily operations of a full-service public relations firm. Our interns experience all aspects of the public relations process, are given real responsibilities and are expected to deliver. It’s a lot to take in - but our internship program is designed to teach these young professionals how to produce results in the real world and to celebrate those big (and little) wins for your clients and team along the way.

We are excited to introduce you to Emma Chase, the newest addition to the Red Fan team. Emma started with us at the end of January and has already dived into helping the team with social media, blogs and event outreach.

Emma is a senior studying Communications with a focus on Public Relations at The University of Texas at Austin and she brings a fresh perspective to our team. She has gained experience in communications and client management by working in positions at Squarespace, PulsePoint Group and The University of Texas Longhorn Band. We can’t help but enjoy her great sense of humor and down-to-earth mentality. Needless to say, we are thrilled to have her on board! Here’s a sneak peek of our newest rising star:

What interests you about working in public relations?

What interests me most about working in PR is the fast-paced nature of how the industry is changing. With the line between PR and advertising blurring, PR is so much more about creating a relevant, interactive experience for a brand’s consumer base than just communicating with the media. PR strategy is the bridge to maintaining a positive brand reputation in the eye of the consumer.

Where can we find you when you aren’t at the Red Fan office?

Outside of work (and school!) you can find me rehearsing at the Butler School of Music with the Longhorn Band, curled up with a blanket watching Friends, or sipping on a frozen strawberry margarita at Trudy’s!

You’re an avid writer. What is your favorite subject to write about?

Recently, I have really been trying to observe how creative and strategic writing can intertwine, so I try to write about whatever inspires me from my day-to-day activities. That leads me to blog posts about food, a string of tweets on Super Bowl ads, jotting down interesting observations from class, and even some fiction stories that pop in from time to time!

What is something most people don’t know about you?

I am a die-hard fan of Texas Volleyball! I accompanied the team (with the pep band) on the last three trips to the Final Four in Louisville, Seattle and Oklahoma City, and attend as many games as possible in the fall!


What do you love about living and going to school in Austin?

Texas football, easy access to the lake, dogs EVERYWHERE, and a food scene that can never be fully explored!

As a photographer and Instagrammer, what are your thoughts on the latest selfie-stick trend?

On New Years Eve, I was so excited to bring my camera and new flash with me to a party with friends. But what got more attention? My friend’s new selfie-stick. No lie, that thing was pretty fun to take photos with, and thankfully everyone was still excited to take actual photos with my camera, but I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at how the selfie trend is taking over!


The world is about to end and you get to choose your very last meal. Do you pick a plate of stacked French toast or lunch from your favorite Austin food truck?

Listen, I don’t know if you’ve ever had Austin Java’s French toast, but after tasting that cinnamon buttery goodness, I was about ready for the world to end anyway for fear of never enjoying something quite as much as that meal.

Emma is a welcome addition to the Red Fan team and we are thrilled about her future as a PR professional. She’s already hit the ground running and given us plenty to be excited about. We are dedicated to her development and are looking forward to watching her grow as an artist and communications specialist. Welcome aboard, Emma!

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