Editor's Picks: Signature Summer Style

This month, the Red Fan newsletter, Fan Features, discussed the importance of telling your brand's story through messaging, social media and company logos. Check out the editor's picks for June.

1) Signature scent: Summer is a time to reflect and transition your sartorial style to an easy elegance built with cool materials. But some things never change; my signature scent is true across all seasons: Chanel Chance.

2) Hat: A statement piece with a practical purpose. The Goorin Family business out of Pittsburgh has been providing stylish shade for all shapes since 1895.

3) Book: While I whip through books all year, there are a few that I hold onto for summer reading. This year, I’ll be reading (or re-reading!) The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachman, It’s a Long Story by Willie Nelson and David Ritz, and Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht.

4) Wine: Summer is for grilling, and while beers are aplenty in Texas at any BBQ event, I’m always keen to find wines that pair well with grilled delicacies.

5) App: Metropia is like having the most accurate travel assistant telling you when to leave and how to get there. For those trying to make an early getaway on Fridays, save yourself a headache, download and plan ahead.

6) Shoes for her: I may have expensive stilettos and other strappy numbers, but at the end of the day, TOMS® wedges are my favorite for work and for play! I own at least four pairs and they are fantastic with work attire and transition beautifully to after hours.

7) Shoes for him: Summer means quick footwear that fits any situation. The Columbia Vulc N Vent caught my eye in Men's Journal. This shoe feels good and can handle the water! (Available for women, too.)

8) Sunscreen: The best sunscreen on the market is a hidden gem found in the dermatologist’s office. EltaMD’s sunscreen out of Carollton, Texas is minerals-based, provides broad spectrum coverage and it feels good to wear (none of that sticky feel!).

9) Activity: The early bird gets the worm and in the world of kayaking that means having the water all to yourself. Explore Austin early - before the sun gets too hot - with Congress Avenue Kayaks.

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