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Dos and don’ts of famous PR personalities

We all have those public relations characters in TV and film who we love. (Or love to hate.) Here's Red Fan's quick guide to the dos and don’ts of famous PR personalities:

Samantha Jones, Sex and the City”

The confident, outspoken New York lifestyle publicist who prides herself on being sassy and sexy in both her work and private life.

Do: Attend client events, mingle, network, be everywhere about town.

Don’t: Cross the line; sleeping with clients isn’t attractive.

Abby Whelan, “Scandal”

Originally part of Olivia Pope’s crisis management team, Abby, the fiery redhead and former attorney, goes on to become the press secretary in the Grant administration.

Do: Use past practical skills like investigating and research in your current PR work.

Don’t: Use information you have to blackmail colleagues to get ahead in the workplace.

Mike McClintock, “Veep”

This bumbling press secretary to Vice President Selena Meyer has good intentions but always falls short in delivering.

Do: Let’s face it, there is nothing that Mike does well in his job really, but we do admire his love of dogs and he does try to put family first, albeit not very successfully.

Don’t: Be satisfied being like Mike, “just an average guy”, try to “wow” your clients and the media you work with.

Conrad Brean, “Wag the Dog”

Political consultant and ethically challenged spin doctor Conrad Brean is hired by a presidential adviser post-sex scandal to create a diversion to said scandal. With the help of a Hollywood director, he fabricates the perfect war and media distraction.

Do: Stay abreast of current news and events and incorporate where relevant into your pitches.

Don’t: Fabricate news, no matter how tempting it may be, or manipulate the media.

Shauna Roberts, “Entourage”

Shauna is the brash publicist of one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, Vincent Chase, and has the challenge of being the minder, spin doctor and person who cleans up Vincent and his entourage’s messes.

Do: Remain cool, calm and collected even under pressure and especially when having to do damage control and repair a client’s reputation.

Don’t: Shauna can be rather abrasive in her demeanor and language, never let the client see you sweat!

Nick Naylor, “Thank You For Smoking”

Nick is the smooth talking chief spokesman for Big Tobacco who lobbies on behalf of cigarettes using heavy spin tactics while also trying to be a role model to his son.

Do: Embrace your client’s message and brand whole-heartedly, even dare we say, live it?

Don’t: If representing your client lands you in hot water (aka kidnapped and threatened) then maybe reconsider working with companies with no scruples.

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