Hiring the wrong people

Don’t Waste Time By Hiring The Wrong People

As of the date of this writing, I have crafted and delivered offer letters to nine of our 10 team members at Red Fan. Most of our team has been here for more than two years (some many more), and I’m constantly in awe of how our team works together nearly flawlessly given their varying backgrounds, personality styles, strengths and length of time separating their hires.

Yet I know even with our past successes, it’s still easy to make the wrong hire.

Aside from the tactical requirements, building a communications team requires:

• Input at all levels, and hiring for this team in a vacuum is a recipe for frustration. Unlike sales teams that may thrive on competition and quarterly bonuses, your comms folks thrive on collaboration and building ideas together, so they need to meet and talk to the people with whom they’ll be working closely.

• A lightning-fast feedback process internally is key, as this will ensure your team doesn’t get stymied in operational processes that might work well for engineering or sales, but are the death rattle for a creative, non-iterative and results-based group like your communications folks. Set up a Slack channel in your office for quick answers and brainstorms or keep your team on the same floor as their approvers. Assume they think and operate a full 48-hours ahead and you’ll be halfway there.

Assuming your communications team is reactive to internal leadership decisions can be highly detrimental. Comms teams require open and clear leadership channels, as well as access to your client success team and sales departments so your communications that are so thoughtfully crafted are being reflected at all levels of the organization.

One way to make sure you’re attracting the right people for your team is to use a workplace profile tool. A great one is the DISC Workplace Profile. We’ve used DISC as our tool of choice for many years, and after reviewing the profiles of our top performers, we know which profiles work best in our PR/communications teams. DISC also provides valuable hiring and ongoing training resources to support the hiring process and interpret results.

Find out what I'm talking about and meet the many personalities of Red Fan team through our team page and check out the team thought's from an article on Inc. Magazine online we were featured in.

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