Capitalizing on trends

Does capitalizing on trends make you trendy?

Taking a critical look at your brand’s tone can be tough. What would you do if one day, someone approaches you inside or outside of your organization and says, “Hey, this just isn’t working for the company.” Hearing those words can feel like someone has personally insulted you and your whole family, when in truth, it's the dose of reality your brand has been needing.

Your next step usually involves a company marketing pow-wow filled with brainstorms, an overwhelming amount of creative ideas and a dive into your competitors’ branding strategies. What’s working for other industry greats? What are like-minded companies saying that seems to resonate with key audiences? How can you take the conversations and reframe them for your constituents?

Not a bad strategy. But unfortunately, some companies spend too much time in Competitor Land and lose sight of their own missions. Industry trends can start to look so appetizing that you’ve all of a sudden left your loyal audience behind. Branding is a careful combination of building a company attitude that feels fresh and authentic while clearly meeting the needs of the marketplace. Piggybacking off of trends is a great way to jumpstart your marketing strategy, but should by no means be your lifeblood.

One of the most tangible, over-used trends is the “National _____ Day” social media fad. Don’t get me wrong, we know how to celebrate a good National Pizza Day around here, but you should never let a craze like this dictate the majority of your social media calendar. How un-authentic would it be to stop by a page that celebrates a different, fleeting trend every day? National “You’re Boring” Day, for sure.

Instead of jumping on everyone else’s marketing bandwagon, try the following naturally authentic tips and tricks while you’re crafting your next great branding campaign:

  • Interview with the CEO, and the entry-level employee

    Who better to tell a compelling story then your very employees? Thought leadership for executives is definitely a plus, but don’t forget about the little guy. They’ll have some great nuggets for you to incorporate in messaging, social posts and more.

  • Say “no” to the stock photo

    Look, the secret’s out: We know that’s not you casually laughing in a fantastically well-lit conference room dressed in all black pant and skirt suits. Let your personality shine with unique photography for your business! And if you absolutely have to, think outside the box with great sites like Unsplash and Death to the Stock Photo.

  • Make your own media moments

    A great PR tactic is to couple your brand with a nationally recognized event, celebrity or well-known story. However, when you need to grab press attention in a pinch—or on a lower budget—try brainstorming a media moment that will wow local press. We’ve borrowed co-working spaces during SXSW, hosted whiskey tastings in our own office, rented coffee shops for recruiting events and more. What will draw media to you?

  • Keep the story front and center

    And we don’t just mean your company story. Instagram and Snapchat stories allow your followers to get a behind-the-scenes look at your company at any given moment. Show them you’re human, too, and they’ll start to like you for the stellar people you are!

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