A PR road map is essential in 2019. Here's why.

Whether your company just secured funding, is preparing to go to market with a new product or is in high-growth mode, a PR road map is critical for success. It acts as a strategic reminder of how to reach your company’s brand awareness goals even as you’re stuck in the daily grind of operating a business. There are a few important factors to consider when planning a successful PR road map, and you should ask yourself a couple of important questions: Where is your company going in the next year? Three years? Five years? How are you going to get there? Is the work you and your team do on a daily basis supporting that strategic vision?

Below are four things companies should consider when planning their PR road maps in 2019:

1. Alignment across all communication channels.

It’s not uncommon for PR teams to be solely focused on earned media; it is at the core of what we do, after all. But one of the best strategies your company can employ is to be fully aligned across all communication channels: paid, earned and owned. For example, a good strategy for B2B companies is to align a thought leadership strategy with a paid media plan to drive demand generation among potential customers.

2. Timing and planning.

Every so often, we get requests for deliverables by the next day, which is okay, but timeliness is a key factor in a thoughtful PR road map. Most teams work best in 60 to 90 day increments. So, planning for a year-long PR plan with a couple of 60 to 90 day phases can really contribute to your team’s success. Try not to get bogged down by day-to-day and week-to-week deliverables and focus on the bigger picture.

3. How are your PR efforts measured against overall goals?

PR should have clear and measurable goals that align with a company’s overall strategy. Do you want to increase share of voice among competitors? Are you trying to drive more traffic to the company website because you just launched a new initiative? What do you consider to be high-impact media outlets? These are important questions to consider when planning for the year and will only make your campaign more successful.

4. Be flexible – changes are inevitable.

Deadlines, strategies, ideas and current news cycles in your industry will always be in flux, meaning your company will have to be resilient and adaptable. Being able to quickly make changes to your PR road map is necessary up to a point. Having a team that is able to collaborate and adjust to change makes being flexible much simpler. It’s never a bad idea to have a backup plan for things like tentative product launch and event dates. Interested in more resources for your growing your company?

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