A Blog Series About Millennials - Part Two

Last week I shared a few points crowdsourced from the millennial contingent at Red Fan. On the flip side, I asked Red Fan Communications President and Founder Kathleen Lucente to share her ideas and thoughts on how to promote a business environment and culture conducive to millennials.

  1. Open lines of communication: "In my first job as a journalist, my editor and boss treated me as an equal, providing me feedback and offering insights I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to gather. That’s carried over into my mentality as a business owner. Like anyone else, I want respect and feedback, and I don’t like implementing the drill sergeant mentality. I have two doors to my office at the Helms House, and both are always open for anyone to come chat about a client or ask a quick question."

  2. A creative, open work atmosphere: "Some people want the traditional job atmosphere of an office with cubicles wearing a suit and tie. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Other people do their best thinking in Birkenstocks. Whatever the case may be, the crux of it is holding on to your authenticity, whatever that entails. In doing that, you can create an environment that fosters creativity, which will attract and retain the right people for the job and your business. The smartest people put other smart people around them. It’s also important for me to note that the oldest person in the room is not necessarily the smartest. Great ideas can come from a newly hired staff member or a 20-year company veteran, but you would never know until a culture is in place that promotes that kind of openness."

  3. Transparency: "Transparency wasn’t a common occurrence in the workplace years ago, at least as it pertained to things like a business’ finances. But I’ve found that a willingness to be vulnerable and explaining the ramifications of business components like finance solidifies the feeling of connectedness in millennials and other employees, fostering a “we’re all in this together” mentality that can drive personal and company-wide growth and success that is collectively shared and celebrated."

  4. Philanthropy and demonstration of impact: "Millennials love to know that the work they’re doing has a positive impact. Public relations is a great example of an industry in which this mentality can be tangible. For instance, Red Fan works with several nonprofits, which is a big selling point for many millennials, and we work with clients and brands we believe can have an impact in their industry and peoples’ lives. Red Fan is a great cross-section of philanthropic work, building a portfolio of brands we’re passionate about and finding opportunities to meet new people."

Stay tuned for our last post in the millennials blog series, that brings this discussion full-circle with perspective from journalists and some of Red Fan's partners. If you missed the first post in the series, you can find it here.

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