6 Tips on What to Wear to a TV interview

Following the excitement of landing a TV appearance comes the question: “what am I going to wear?” Selecting the right outfit for your on-film moment is almost as important as figuring out what you’re going to say. What you wear can either distract from your words or enhance your appearance, so follow these guidelines to create an outfit that exudes confidence and doesn’t scramble your viewer’s eyes!

1. Avoid stark whites and solid blacks.

Sure, these colors might be classic and simple, but on screen white can read too bright and black can absorb too much color, so both end up washing you out. If you’re a classic dresser, select less-harsh navy blue as the main pieces and wear any lighter colors away from your face.

2. Wear jewel tones.

These are deep, saturated colors that will enhance your skin tone and stand out against any background or lighting scenario. Most everyone has a jewel tone they look great in, so select your favorite.


3. Avoid tight patterns.

Pinstripes, houndstooth, herringbone and some tight ginghams create a Moiré effect (the illusion of movement). Many reality TV stars fall victim to the Moiré effect by wearing patterned suits that cause their ensemble to look like they’re swimming. Stick to solids. If you love print and feel most comfortable expressing yourself this way, select a low-contrast print that combines jewel tones, or simply pair two solid colors together.

4. Think for a moment about what type of outfit feels most YOU.

You know, the outfit you put on and immediately stand up taller in. Is it a suit and tie? A dress? How does it fit? Take inspiration from what you most love to wear. Also keep in mind that you don’t have to dress for the Oscars just because you’re on television; you need to find a simple, put-together version of your favorite style. Athletic ladies can wear a jersey dress or ruched skirt. Casual guys can pair a sport coat with their dark jeans and oxford shirt. Wearing something within your style wheelhouse will make you feel and act more comfortable and authentic.


5. Keep the flash to a minimum.

Of course you can wear a statement necklace, but try not to wear anything too sparkly, shiny or noisy. Shiny fabrics, extra-contrasting lapel pins or tie clips can distract from your message as well. Let your words act as your shine!

6. Dress modern but still classic.

Unless you’re in the fashion world, you don’t need to go all out with something super trendy or fashion forward. After all, you don’t want the video of your TV appearance to look dated two years from now when people are still watching it on your website. Sticking to a fairly simple outfit (using always-stylish jewel tones) in modern-day proportions (think slim-cut trousers and two-button blazers) will help you achieve that classic look you won’t mind seeing on repeat.

Laurel Kinney is an Austin-based personal stylist and Red Fan's go-to-gal for wardrobe advice for everything from business dress to gala gowns. Do you have any questions, tips or advice you'd like to share? Tell us in the comments below.

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