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22 ways PR can build your brand

As our engines are getting revved up to go into high gear again in September, it may be time to kick the tires on the health of your business, and think about investing in a good public relations strategy. With the help of the Red Fan team, I’ve compiled our list of what PR can do for you with the right PR agency in place… and we bet some of these you may not have even realized.

PR can:

· Take a company from unknown to known with the public they want to influence

· Take a mom and pop shop with an amazing product and put it on the map nationally

· Help your story unfold in a way that resonates with the public

· Find the positive in a potentially negative situation

· Increase your engagement and following on social media


· Impress your investors and attract new ones

· Take an artist who is loved in their community and bring that art to a larger audience

· Protect a company reputation during a crisis

· Make your competitors take notice, and maybe even a little nervous


· Help you successfully take your company public

· Rebrand your company to better connect with audiences and stakeholders

· Help you engage with media and audiences at conferences, out-of-town trips, awards shows, etc.

· Drive a positive conversation about your brand

· Turn a company CEO or founder into an industry thought leader

thought leader.gif

· Create a buzz in advance of your grand opening event

· Get your product front and center on the social media feed of an influential blogger

· Make you see your company from a new light or angle

· Take a technology wizard and make them an interview star

· Boost your company’s confidence internally and externally


· Drive traffic to your website like nobody’s business

· Make a national brand seem local and make a splash within a smaller market

· Help any size company maintain a solid reputation

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