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10 essential supplies for a PR firm

When the new year rolls around, stores go into a full frenzy. The scent of freshly sharpened pencils fills the air as parents and students busily stock up on their necessary supplies for the new semester. This is a great time of year to take inventory on your own office’s supply drawer. Do you have everything you need to run efficiently in your day-to-day? Check out Red Fan’s list of must-have items for a PR firm.

1. Every office needs a label maker. Don’t let disorganization around the office stress you out; a label will help you find whatever you need in a pinch.

2. Everything looks better with a red (fan) ribbon wrapped around it! Charm your clients and visitors with subtle touches like this.

3. The Swingline stapler is an office must. We use them every day for gathering notes, presentations and prepping for meetings!

4. Exacto knifes are the perfect tool for cutting clips and opening boxes that come through the office.

5. We all make mistakes—especially when we’re writing! Always have a red pen handy for corrections (the Sharpie, extra-fine point is a favorite).

6. When a red pen just won’t do, white out will save the day!

7. We love using Post-its to quickly mark print coverage that comes through.

8. Don’t get slowed down by the lack of batteries in the office. We rely heavily on our wireless mouse and keyboard stations, and always need to have batteries at the ready!

9. For a classy (and simple!) way to deliver mail, purchase an address stamp or embosser for the office’s address.

10. How many notebooks do you go through a year? Ours are always red and always ready!

What are the items that your office can’t live without? Let us know in the comments!

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