Mergers, Acquistions and IPOs

Never go it alone.

Let your dream of a successful merger, acquisition or initial public offering become reality.

Successful transactions don’t happen without thoughtful planning and positioning. If there’s ever a time you need communications counsel, it’s before and during a high-stakes deal.

Red Fan will help you:

  • Set a pre-announcement baseline level of communications

  • Establish internal controls (loose lips sink ships)

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Maximize value through external communications

  • Use internal communications to manage employee concern

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discover the red fan way to gracefully exit:

Is a merger, acquisition or IPO in your future?

Part art, part science and definitely part experience, it’s not just about maximizing your opportunity, it’s also about following the law. Red Fan will help you do both.

Not ready for a merger, acquisition or IPO? See how Red Fan can grow your company.

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