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Q2 Holdings, Inc.
Riverside Homes
Banyan Water
Austin Trail of Lights
HAAM Benefit Day 2016
Fortress of Inca
Susan G. Komen Austin
Lemonade Day Austin
Texas Heritage Songwriters' Association
The Friskies
Wayward Chocolat
Blackbird Bakery
Atlas Wearables
Acton MBA
Remedy Urgent Care
Ray Benson's Texas Dance Hall Tour
Tattoo Goo
The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas

More than happy hour: Elevating member experience with The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas

The Wine and Food Foundation of Texas (WFFT) is a membership-based nonprofit that invests in the culinary and viticulture community through the education, appreciation and enjoyment of exquisite wines and foods.


Riverside Homes: Building national brand visibility

Scott Turner is a proud Austinite and the owner of Riverside Homes—a modern urban home building company—and Turner Residential, a real estate brokerage company focused on central Austin.


Banyan Water: Positioning an IoT startup for industry recognition

Banyan Water is a leading provider of data-driven water conservation for enterprises, using IoT smart devices and real-time monitoring and analytics to help businesses track and save their water usage.


Tattoo Goo: Making a 90s tattoo care brand relevant again

Tattoo Goo has been a frontrunner in the tattoo aftercare industry since 1997. However, the company’s online presence was still stuck in the 90s and its social media platforms had been inactive since 2014. In an industry that is rapidly growing and with a target market whose interests and buying...


Ben Milam: Introducing Texas to an award-winning whiskey

Ben Milam Whiskey is a new, award-winning spirits company with a distillery and tasting room located in Blanco, Texas. The company's founder, Marsha Milam, is a woman who knows how to bring new and exciting things to Texas. After a career in PR and entertainment and creating much-loved events...



YOUR6 is an Austin-based software company that provides military veterans with the tools they need to advance their civilian careers. For many veterans—including those who founded and built YOUR6 in 2016—transitioning into the civilian workforce after...


Ray Benson's Texas Dance Hall Tour: Saving a piece of Texas history through music

Texas dance halls have been the heart and soul of communities throughout our state’s history. In fact, at the turn of the 20th century, more than 1,000 dance halls flourished throughout the state as bastions of Texas culture and pride. Sadly, there are only about 400 dance halls remaining, and...


Remedy Urgent Care: Targeting the right demographic

Remedy Urgent Care is an Austin-based mobile urgent care service. After launching a public relations campaign in its first year, Remedy established top-notch credentials and visibility with the local press and influencers, but the company’s existing social media strategy wasn’t mapping to the...


MyEdu: Paving the path to acquisition

MyEdu, a data-collection service for colleges and students, needed a method for increasing its media exposure in Austin that could be used as a platform to launch a new brand strategy.


Sanders Architecture: Growing a boutique award-winning architecture firm

To help respected Austin architect Chris Sanders—who specializes in commercial and residential properties—take the next step in growing his business, Red Fan was tasked with reviewing and reviving his brand image, bringing attention to projects via articles through local, regional and national...


HAAM Benefit Day 2016: Keeping music in Austin alive and well

The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians—otherwise known as HAAM—is an Austin nonprofit dedicated to providing affordable access to health care for Austin’s low-income, uninsured working musicians. The average Austin musician makes about $18,000 a year, making it nearly impossible to afford...


Modern Market: Break into Austin

Modern Market is a fast-casual farm-fresh eatery with roots in Colorado. Like many Colorado restaurants, Modern Market saw a valuable opportunity to break into the Austin market, which places similar value on farm-to-table, locally sourced and healthy ingredients and menus.


Buildfax: Make your data press-worthy

BuildFax came to Red Fan with a communications challenge that many new companies face: They needed to transition from a company with virtually no public visibility to a must-have B2B service. As a company that owns and organizes construction records on millions of properties from cities...


Industrious: Redefining co-working office space in Austin

Industrious is a New York-based co-working space that is the next evolution of the modern workspace. While co-working spaces are nothing new in Austin, Industrious wanted to bring a focus on high-end hospitality, local engagement and a professional yet easy-going boutique atmosphere that offers...


Q2 Holdings, Inc: Building a leading digital banking brand

Q2—a digital banking platform that serves more than 400 financial institutions and about 9 million end users—is one of Austin’s true success stories. In 2014, Q2 went public on the New York Stock Exchange, where its success was determined not just on the stock market floor but also in the months...


Austin Trail of Lights

Now in their fourth year of partnership, Red Fan and the Austin Trail of Lights team approach each year with continued effort to increase exposure and education both locally and nationally. As such, it is important to the Trail and to Red Fan to integrate new programs, ideas and elements that...



Now in their second year of partnership, the Red Fan team sat down with Farmgrass- a nonprofit dedicated to raising critical medical emergency funds for Central Texas farmers- to determine other events the nonprofit could host and support that would both raise awareness and drive donations. The...


sanders Architecture: Growing an award-winning boutique architecture firm

In a market saturated with the promise and allure of powerful, accurate fitness trackers, Atlas Wearables had a unique opportunity to act as a disruptive force in the fitness technology market. To deliver on its promise of a superior product that tracks everything from steps to reps, has the...


Blackbird Bakery: Launching a new kind of gluten-free lifestyle

Red Fanners are foodies by definition, and are always on the lookout for brands that act as disruptive forces in their respective markets. So when Red Fan was introduced to Karen Morgan—a chef at Blackbird Bakery whose innovative approach and uncompromising attitude toward improving the quality...


Acton MBA

In the ever-changing world of education, Acton MBA—a learner-driven education program in which students determine course content—wanted to expand learning opportunities for the next generation of workers. Acton needed to position itself as an emerging leader in MBA programs for entrepreneurs,...


Fortress of Inca

Austin, Texas-based Inca Boot Company had, over the years, gathered quality but minimal press coverage and maintained a small social media presence. With Austin as its company headquarters, it was imperative for Inca to establish a solid local following and expand its reputation among other...


Susan G. Komen Austin: Pink parties and more

Red Fan has been a continuous strategic partner to Komen Austin by not only organizing the communications leg of the nonprofit, but in driving traffic and media to large events throughout the year, including the annual Pink Party.


Lemonade Day Austin: Bringing entrepreneurship to young Austinites

Lemonade Day Austin, a program of the Entrepreneurs Foundation, empowers Austin-area youth to run their first business in the form of a lemonade stand. The program consists of two key events, the Best Tasting Lemonade Contest and Lemonade Day.

Lemonade Day Austin came to Red Fan in 2015...


Metropia Austin: Driving a better city

Metropia is an incentive-based mobile app that analyzes traffic data to more efficiently guide users to their end destinations by routing them through less congested areas at specific times of day. Users can carpool and earn points that can be traded in to local merchandisers for food, gift...


Moody National Bank: Red carpet ribbon cutting

Moody Bank, a highly regarded financial institution with more than 15 locations throughout Texas, required a dual-pronged communications strategy to announce its first branch in Austin and to reinforce with the public its expanded lending, treasury and private banking offerings.


Supermensch: The Legend of Shep Gordon

There comes a time in Austin when the grass seems to be a bit greener, the sky a bit bluer and the music a bit louder.

This is SXSW.

To kick off the 2014 SXSW season, Red Fan assisted with the coordination of the afterparty for the U.S. premiere of Supermensch: The Legend of Shep...


Texas Heritage Songwriters' Association

The Austin-based nonprofit, Texas Heritage Songwriters’ Association (TxHSA) was founded by sixth-generation Texas Terry Boothe in honor of the rich heritage and culture engrained in the lyrics of Texas songwriters. Each year, TxHSA brings together exceptional Texas songwriters and their...


The Friskies: And the award goes to...

The cat food brand, Friskies, wanted to ensure a successful launch of the first ever “The Friskies,” a juried film prize for the best new Internet cat video of the year with an end-goal of increasing engagement on the brand’s social channels and continuing its mission to provide a playful,...


Wayward Chocolat: A delicious rebrand

While one may think that chocolate is delicious enough to rebrand and sell itself, even candy needs public relations support from time to time. After conducting an extensive positioning audit, Red Fan uncovered a disconnect between the brand—formerly known as Chocolat Plus—and its consumers, who...


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