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Are Open APIs the Gateway to New Cores?

Open APIs have been advancing steadily across the banking landscape for a number of years, though just how 'open' may be a point of conjecture.

"Last month, Austin, Texas-based Q2 Holdings released a suite of products called Q2 Open, described as “four services consumed through open APIs, which allow development-capable organizations to build front-end interfaces and experiences on top of Q2 Open’s existing technology infrastructure.”

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Excuse us while we nerd out. Did you know Kathleen was the mastermind behind the PR for IBM Research's silicon on insulator (SOI) chip launch, first-ever copper chip breakthrough launch & the 1 GHz microprocessor launch?

We're excited to share a behind the scenes shot from our new #AskKathleen series! Kathleen will be answering hot topic questions and sharing insights from her more than 18 years of experience in PR. Join our community to receive these videos straight to your inbox:

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